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What might be the meaning of this?

I hear an awful racket and I gasp. I go to investigate. The place I find myself at is like a storage facility, where a series of closed garage doors line both sides of a concrete driveway-type corridor. (It feels like an indoor facility, because I get the sense of a ceiling overhead.)

One of the garage doors is open--er--apparently opened by an obliterating force, because I see twisted metal framing a gaping hole, and light and smoke spilling out. When I approach I see that everything is in smitherines; unrecognizable fragments of objects splayed throughout and smoldering.

An explosion, I realize, must have made that racket. My second oldest daughter is there. Her back is to me, and in front of her, facing her and addressing her, is an investigator-type guy (wearing a trenchcoat, maybe). He holds up the only immediately recognizable objects there: a pair of feet, like a pair of boots, from the ankles, and asks my daughter, "Do you know who's these are?"

Iim directly behind my daughter now, and I hear myself whisper in her ear, "You know who's feet those are; tell him who's feet those are."

She says, "Those are my mom's feet."

I praise her, "Good, girl," but as I say the words, my gaze falls on what I think I recognize as my hair, singed and smoldering on the floor. In that instant I hear myself say, "I must be dead." My eyes dart frantically about the place, looking for a better explanation. Suddenly, I feel the weight of gravity on me like never before, and I feel myself being distanced, backward and downward, through the floor. "No! Not DOWN, not DOWN!" I scream, but to no avail. I even try to hold my head up above the floor as if above water. But the force is too great, and I cannot resist it as it swallows me, and I feel the abyss--vast nothingness--under me. I wake up in a cold sweat just before I was completely engulfed.

What a great concept, this site you've got going here. It's very admirable, what you're doing, and I thank you!

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Re: What might be the meaning of this?


First let me say thanks for you complement about the Forum. We at the Forum understand the importance of the dream and wish to convey what we have learned to others who visit. We all have issues in life and by understanding our dreams we become aware of the deeper insights the dream has to offer. The popular saying, 'we feel better after a good nights rest' has true meaning when you consider the dream as a part of that rest period. It has been said we sleep to dream as much as we do to rest. We at the Forum know the power of the dream. Two worlds {waking and dream}, one psyche, both seeking harmoneous unity.

The Interpretation

There is an investigation into your inner life. You have found the storage place within the unconscious. Here are a series of closed aspects about yourself, stored due to either a desire to forget, and/or repressed due to the trauma of past experiences.

The explosion is the emotional eruption that often comes at mid-life. These emotions may have to do with your oldest daughter, and/or may have to do with older experiences in your past that are now again showing themselves. At the moment the intensity of these emotions are still unconscious {you have yet to acknowledge their full impact on your waking life}. As you investigate {in your dream} these emotions you begin recognize the object of your emotions. You ask yourself, is this my life, is this what I have based my life on? Past experiences are undeniable, and the answer is yes.

You recognize the truth of your life. You feel it is singed from past experienecs and the smoldering emotions are now beginning to present themselves to you. You feel the old self has been wasted {dead} and you seek for an explaination. Your psyche instructs you to look deeper. There are deeper issues that need addressing. There is a great force within that threatens to swallow you. The abyss, the impending dangers you feel within are threatening to engulf your whole life.


This dream could represent two things, one related to the other. The first, and most likely, is the mid-life issues coming to the forefront in your waking life. At midlife we begin to look back at past experiences. We carry a lot of baggage, unresolved issues that ultimately resurface as we have less to think about in our formative lives and more to focus on as to what we have created in our past. This dream seems to be doing just that, the required investigation of your life at mid-life. All the unresolved issues and emotions begin to present themselves anew for your consideration. Do you run or face up to them? The dream is facing up to them and so should you {whatever they are}.

The second thing is perhaps something more traumatic. The bayss could represent something deep within your unconscious mind that has been pushed down so not to hav eto deal with it. There could be some unresolved emotions involving a traumatic experience that you need to ackowledge and confront. Healing begins only when you confront such issues. If these issues do exist in your life then they could be very deep and emotional.

Examine your life and see if you feel something deep within that is threatening. If there is not such an experience then the dream is dealing with the mid-life thing, a normal occurance at this stage of life. Life is changing, death is a reality {even though it is still far off} and the past becomes the focus. Questions about 'who am I', 'what is it really all about', become important. Your dreams offer insights to your true condition {not only what the ego perceives}. You may want to read some of the info I have gathered at my pages on Mid-Life Issues.

I would appreciate your thoughts on my interpretation. Does it hit on something you feel is happening in your life? Your fedback may provide further insighst to the message of the dream.


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