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Hi Gerard, I had this dream friday night, I was in a side of a two way a road, many large trucks passed, i got inside a store or warehouse, i believe i was working there, i saw my boss, but don't know what he was doing there, he tried to approach me, then on the back of the store was a dog that was seek, somebody told me that i need to kill the dog because he was terrible sick, so they gave me a bottle with a liquid inside, so i went there, the dog was in a garden....i don't remember what happened after i saw the dog.
i think this dream is related with my boss, but i barely speak with him, he is a rare guy.
i appreciate your thoughts

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Re: dog

Roads often symbolize our direction in life. A two way road may indicate a feeling of not getting where you wish to go, going one way then the other, indecision. The heavy trucks may symbolize being overloading with something, something that is unconscious, perhaps your emotions. Your boss, a male, would represent your masculine aspects {see anima/animus in left hand column}. In your dream he may represent yoour true boss and his personality, and at the same times symbolize your own inner need to be in charge. The sick dog may be that part of your personality that when in good health offers protection against outside forces. Since this dog in your dream is sick then emotionally you are not as prepared to ward off the emotional overload you are experiencing. The bottle of liquid may indicate a need for you to let flow bottled up emotions or stress. The garden is where things grow, thus this part of you {dog which is sick} needs nurturing and cultivation in order for you to grow and go about your life.

You said that you feel the dream may be about your boss whom you rarely speak and is a rare guy. Perhaps this alone suggests the nature of your dream. There may be stored emotions that comes from stress in your life and you do not feel you have the ability {sick dog} to overcome these emotional overloads {heavy trucks}. The fact your boss is in your dream is probably a symbolic aspect of your own need to use your masculine traits to overcome these emotions of stress.
Are you stressed and feel overloaded from work or life in general, working hard but not getting anywhere?

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Re: Re: dog

Thanks for your response, mmmm! every day we have decisiones to make.Yesterday I have received a job offer ...do trucks symbolize moving?, my actual job is not stressfull at all. The last week my boss was a bit more communicaticative with me, the thing is I know this is not quite good, but who ever they are, how ever they are I don't like bosses, but treat them with respect.

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Re: Re: Re: dog

This dream is probably addressing your personal life more so than the deeper aspect. It is much more difficult to properly interpret personal dreams unless the interpreter has a thorough knowledge of your personal life. Knowing your plans about the job offer and decisions provides vital info in understanding the personal aspect of the dream. And even though the dream is focusing on the personal the deeper aspect is laos still being addressed. You have to look deeper within to find that interpretation.

Whereas the truck is you, the large truck could symbolize the overview of your life, your total psyche. In your case the possibility of changing positions in life could very well be symbolized by the large trucks {including trucks that move you}. The two way street may represent the decisions you have to make, the opposing decisions of whether to accept or decline the offer of a new job. The warehouse or store, representative of your whole life, may also symbolize the stored aspects within that lead you to which direction to take {the two way street, to go or to stay}. The boss is you, the decisiom maker. Since there is no name to the boss then I see it soley representing you. Any indecision, and there has to be some, would be how you approach the process before you {the job offer being approached to your inner boss}.
The dog symbolism is difficult to understand here. {I suggest you consult the dream dictionaries to better determine what best fits you}Dogs can symbolise protection. Leaving your known position for another job may be the unconscious working through the decision process, thus a possible representation of the dog being the protector. Any waking fears of impending changes may require that you kill the dog, the security in your present place. But this may also be a false representation on the part of your waking cosnciousness, thus implying a 'sick' or invalid fear. The liquid in the bottle may be the cure needed, and provided by the unconscious, for your waking conscious to understand how to cure this 'sick' impression {the garden is where new things grow and are nurtured}.

Remember the current thinking about dreams, something that today's science says has merit. Dreams help us work through the decision making process in our conscious lives {you feel better after a good night's sleep}. When I look at a dream I do so with a blind eye, and with an intuitive eye. The intuitive self can better see the deeper aspect, whereas the blind eye that knows little about the dreamer can only speculate about the personal aspect. The more about the dreamer that is known the better the interpretation to the personal aspect.

Note: Very often when I interpret dreams for someone who is at the mid-life stage, and and the dreamer says, ah! ha!, that fits, it is because the deeper aspect to the dreamer's life is being addressed more so than just the personal. There is less differentiation bewteen the two. The deeper aspect is at the forefront in the dreamer's life. It is much more difficult to interpret dreams for younger people because their dreams are focusing more on the personal aspect. That is unless there is some traumatic experience from the past that has not been properly acknowledged. Then the deeper aspect {repressed experiences} are in line with older people's dreams.

Many psychologists are using dreams to aqpproach the unconscious to learn more of what may be repressed or ignored, even stored within the dreamer's unconscious. When Jung treated a patient he always insisted on keeping the attention on the dream. If I had a couch where I could probe what the personal life is about there is little doubt I could do a much better job in interpreting the personal aspect of dreams, no matter the age of the dreamer.

Thanks for your response to my interpretation. As always we learn more about dreams and their interpretation by the mere experience of interpretation and response.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 55

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