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Tropical Island


In this dream, I have taken a trip with my aunt (she is in her 50s and we are very close/similiar in a lot of ways) to a tropical island.

We are led to a dining table that is in the water/ocean, so that when we are sitting, the water covers us from the waist down. My sister's dog is swimming happily around us.

2 dolphins also swim towards us, and my aunt says "I don't know why the dolphins swim so close to shore. They can't dive for the oysters here." Then I see the dolphins jump out of the water, up above the fluffy white clouds and back down into the water.

We go back to our hotel room (we are on the second floor), and we are standing on the balcony looking at the beach. There are a few people out in the water or tanning,etc. Then my aunt says she is going to go inside to change clothes.

When she leaves, there are suddenly a ton of people everywhere, like a party has just started. There are also people on the balcony of the hotel room that is next to us.

I see an attractive guy walking below my balcony. I want to talk to him, but he doesn't notice me. I look to my right, towards the other balcony, and there is an older man (40s, very masculine) with a nerf football. He doesn't speak, but motions to let me know that he wants to throw the ball to me. I agree and we begin to toss the ball back and forth. A couple of times, I threw the ball badly and someone from below had to throw it back up to us. After the last throw, I look down below and see the attrative guy from earlier, and we smile at each other.

My aunt comes out and says "Aren't you going to change yet?" I rush into the house, taking off my clothes, thinking that I need to hurry up and change or else we'll be late.

I stand half-dressed in my room and am staring at a pile of clothes on my bed, trying to decide what to wear. My aunt comes in, half dressed, and asks me what I'll be wearing. Finally I put on some clothes, but when I look in the mirror, I don't like what I am wearing. I remember thinking that the clothes were itchy, or uncomfortable in some way. The dream ends.

The night that I had this dream, I knew that I would be seeing my aunt the next day to have lunch, but I didn't know what we would do after that. We ended up going shopping and because the store was busy, we had to share a dressing room. And at some time, we were both half-dressed with a pile of clothes around us... a similar scene from the dream.

Any thoughts on what this dream means? Could the scene from my dream with the clothes been a precognitive image or just a coincidence? I would also like to point out that this is maybe the 5th or 6th dream that I've had rececntly that involved changing clothes or where I'm not fully dressed. Thanks!

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Re: Tropical Island

Hello drshell,
It is interesting that you have had a number of dreams about changing clothes etc. and so i would suggest that althoug there may have been some pre-cogition in this there is more to the message of the dream
in your life at present are you happy? are you currently looking at the way you live, with some questioning as to whether is is appropriate for you? how does your current life 'fit you'? Perhaps there are feelings relating to how, and to whom to expose these newer aprts of you.
I wuldn't be surprised if you are a person of deeper thought and insight than might be the norm, with an intuitive grasp of your deeper nature - at present you may be feeling these deeper stirrings and be wondering what is going on?

Does this fit the feelings that the dream evokes for you? It would be nice to hear your follow-up

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Re: Tropical Island

Jung was of the opinion that the vast majority of dreams were compensatory, whilst he did encounter patients that did seem to have preminition type dreams, there were very few (this is out of the many thousands of dreams he interpreted).

Your dreams are all about you, so what may have happened is that your dream is an internal process in your inner world that you unconsciously externalised in your real world. The psyche will generally use your latest memories that fit as the metaphore for what it wants to communicate.

What three words would you use to describe your Aunt's personality, then write three words being the opposite of the original three words. This will give you a place to start on finding out what your inner Aunt is about.

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Re: Re: Tropical Island

Thank you both for the replies. I took the advice of comparing myself to my Aunt and I think it really helped.

I do think that this dream was about wanting to change, and that perhaps a change (an internal one) is happening without my control. But I'm still confused about one thing.

Does the half-dressed uncomfortableness represent that I'm wanting to change my current situation or that I'll be uncomfortable after the change?

Your thoughts are appreciated!

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 26 Texas

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Re: Tropical Island

Notice the similarities between 'Aunt' and 'aren't'? Judgementalism?

Something missing from your dream (maybe intentionally) was what feelings you had about being partially naked with your Aunt. And then compare this with the real life experience and how you felt being in the changing room with your Aunt. Which situation in your real life now do these feelings remind you of. If you were to reveal your true self in the situation you maybe thinking about, what would change in your life? Your answer to this question may reveal the reason your dream has come up for you now.

Clothes sometimes represent your social persona. How you convey yourself to the outside world. Have you had a real life experience lately where you judged, or were judged?

I have read in a book I have (Dream Alchemy), that if you find clothes to cover your body, but you don't like them, it is time for a new approach. Let go of the facade. Let your true light shine. Judgement is in the eye of the beholder and has nothing to do with who you really are.

These changing clothes dreams seem to be quite common and is all about how comfortable you do or don't feel with showing and being your real self. This could be an attitude/belief you have adopted from your real Aunt, relating to a particular situation.

Make sure what I have said clicks (has energy/feels right/surprise), what do you do next? Bring it into your conscious life by going out and buying yourself something to wear that reveals a little more of your true self. It can be a complete outfit or just a piece of jewellery. Happy shopping. Stephen G.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 46

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