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New Article-Einstein & Jung

Einstein & Jung

I Ching, Relativity and Quantum Mechanics

If you haven't already visited my new page you may want to do so. This is a wonderful article written by Roger Hamilton.

From the article:


Jung associated synchronicity and acausal orderedness in particular with the phenomena of quantum physics which defy any classical determination of a precise location in space and time with precise values of momentum and energy.

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Re: New Article-Einstein & Jung

Thanks Jerry, I liked this article and its background to the interactions of these great spirits

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Re: New Article-Einstein & Jung

Likewise, Jerry...found it very enlightening - many things which I was not previously aware of.

Thanks for bringing it to our attention!


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Re: New Article-Einstein & Jung

Very interesting, thanks Gerard. The article reminds me about what I have recently read. In some way I feel we have things in common here in this –MDS-. There are some studies neuroscientist has made about brain waves. I started reading about a professor at UNAM in Mexico, Jacob Grinberg, he shared his experiments with others in Germany, and USA. Still there is more to be tested and discovered……
Here are some of the comments I found:

Grinberg came to believe that the neuronal field he had postulated interacted with what he called an 'informational matrix,' a complicated concept that his students still have trouble explaining. He believed that experience and perception were created as a result of this interaction, and that the curative powers of shamans* came from their ability to gain access to the informational matrix and change it, thereby affecting reality.

*The Buddhists, have these ability, not only the shamans.

'The experiments seemed very good,' says Amit Goswami, a physics professor at the University of Oregon and an adviser to Grinberg. 'They established that there are non-local connections between brains, between people.

Grinberg's experiments did, in fact, prompt one group to try to replicate his results. 'His work was probably some of the most important going on in the world,' says Sperry Andrews, director of the Human Connection Project in New York City. 'To establish that humanity is an interconnected whole is probably the most important thing that humanity needs to know today.

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