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bad dream

For two weeks I have had the same dream. Normally I don't remember any of my dreams. Here it goes: My husband and my two sons (9 & 6) and I are At some kind of party. My husband and I get drunk, pass out and I wake up to my 6 year old telling me that a man had been messing around with him. Well at that very moment I remember that he had raped me earlier in the night. So I go the guy and tell him that we are going to the police and tell them what he did. I go get my other son and wake up my husband and leave. While on the way home I tell him what happened. We got home and we seen some men wearing maskes coming, we tell the boys to go to their room and not to come out. The guys come to the window and they shoot my husband. I bend down by him, crying, and that is when I wake up. Can you please help me with one? It feels so real.

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Re: bad dream

Hi Heather,
Firstly have a read of my post to SassySal on Apr 13 2005 5:08pm. It will explain somethings about nightmares.

Secondly, the death of someone in dreams generally means that you need to kill of an attitude or belief you adopted from that person, or a situation occured where your masculine side was not used.

I know a woman who had a similar dream about her direct family and it related to a newspaper article she had read just prior to the drerams starting. Could this have been the same for you? Just before the dreams started, did you see something on TV or heard on the radio, or read in the newspaper something of a similar storyline? The unconscious could be overlaying this storyline to get you to learn something about yourself. Generally dreams tend to compensate eg, if you are not eating enough in real life you could have a dream of an abundance of food. There are two words that I feel relate to the dream - nurturing and protection. But, it is your dream and your own meanings. What you think about has to click - give you an 'Ah ha' feeling, otherwise the interpretation is wrong. Stephen G.

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Re: bad dream

My first instinct is to ask if there has been any sexual trauma in your life as a child, in particular between the ages 6 and 9. The dream may be trying to get you to acknowledge past sexual abuse. All the characters in your dream, other than yourself, were male. Your sons may symbolize your undeveloped masculine aspect at the time of the probable abuse. Look at the relationship bewteen you and your father as a child.

If in fact there has been sexual abuse then the dream is addressing these experiences. If there was no abuse then the characters in your dream may be addressing a conflict of your masculine identity {see anima/animus at left column of this page}. Or the dream may be focusing on anxieties having to do with inner fears about the safety of your family.
If you will respond to my post I will take a deeper look at the possibilities with the new info that you provide.


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