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Dream about a black cat in an Aquarium

I dreamed that a black cat had lived in an Aquarium with fish. It began to suck the life out of the rest of the fish or maybe the fish weren't getting enough food cause the cat was eating it all, but I removed the cat from the Aquarium so that the fish could live. At first I was scared that the ca t wouldn't survive out of the water but it did. I gave it milk and it was fine.

About a month later, I had a dream about a parrot living in an aquarium. The fish were spawning and I was scared the parrot was going to eat the eggs. I again pulled the parrot from the water and he was fine after he fell over and stood up a couple of time trying to get used to breathing air.

What the hell does the dreams mean?

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Re: Dream about a black cat in an Aquarium

Hi Moontulip,
The thing that stands out in these dreams is the reverse of how the cat and the parrot are suppose to survive. That is they need air, not water. In your dream you want them out of the water (for various reasons) and into the air. Using Jung's typology, water = feeling function(not emotions, but the value you assign to an object)and air = thinking function. A part of you tends to use your thinking function (masculine), rather than your feeling function (feminine), in a particular real life situation. I would hazzard a guess that the black cat is you not trusting your intuition and the parrot is just a repeater - they tend to repeat things. The situation is repeating itself. What the situation is, only you know. Try to think back when you first had the cat dream and then think about what was happening in your life during that week. Generally, there is a tiny clue in the dream to give you a hint about what the real life stiutation is. Just remember that this interpretation has to click with you for it to be correct. It should make you go 'Ah ha' because you should be learning something about yourself that you were not aware of. Hope this helps in some way. Stephen G.

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Re: Dream about a black cat in an Aquarium

The black cat may be addressing unconscious aspects about your feminine self. Living in an aquarium {also a symbol for the unconscious} with fish could be addressing feminine aspects {see anima/animus …. masculine/feminine aspects in column at left} that have been confined to the unconscious and are not being utilized in your waking life. Not utilizing these positive aspects is draining the energy from your waking life. Your life doesn’t have the required nourishment without these feminine aspects. Not utilizng these feminine aspects lets the masculine have more control of your life.

The second dream is probably trying to communicate the same message. You need to utilize your feminine aspects more prominently in your waking life but by not being your true self you have to give in to the more aggressive traits associated with your masculine aspects. When you remove the cat and parrot from the confinement of your unconscious {aquarium} you are able to live a more happy life.

Are you only the semblance of a person, a facade?

There may be a male in your life that dominates you and restricts you from being your true self. The above interpretation would apply both to real life person as well as your own unconscious identity. This male will fit the above, his confining attitude toward you being the aquarium.

A response to this interpretation may clarify what the dream is trying to communicate.


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