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Paramahansa Yogananda's - 'The Resurrection of the Christ Within You'

I came across this webpage and want to share it with all. Jospeh Campbell met Paramahansa Yogananda when both were young men and they became friends.

The similiar psychologies of Gnosticism and Buddhism strongly suggests a historical connection. Campbell spoke of this many times Transformations of Myth Through Time. It's logical and there is gret evidence of inter-action through trade routes during the time of Christ {Remember Buddhism is at least 500 year old than Jesus}. The 'Inner Christ' and Buddha Consciousness are two different spiritual philosophies talking about the same thing.

Both are intuitive. That is important in understanding the mystical energy that sustains the physical human being. It is centered more so in the feminine and not in the masculine as in Western Religions. The intuitive is important in interpreting dreams.

Read and Enjoy

The Second Coming of Christ - 'The Resurrection of the Christ Within You'

Note: Joseph Campbell said we should not have a guru. You can only go as far as the Guru has reached, thus limiting your potential.

I've created own spiritual ritual. Instead of church {I last attended Unity and Unitarian denominations-I am a recovering Church of Christ} I go to the woods, find a water falls. Other times my creative self takes control, I create a new page for MDS. Spiritually I feel more connected to the source {which is beyond thought} than in any other time in my life. And I try hard to live the life, do the deeds. Faith is way down the list of importance.

Personally I prefer meditation to prayer. I speak with my higher self continuously, every day and more so, every night. Meditation lets me get past the illusionary mind to the original mind.
Dreams are pure meditation of the deepest sense, without the draining influence of the ego-centered self.
Getting past the ego, Jesus' death and resurrection on the cross. A death and resurrection occurs at mid-life, or should.


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