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two nightmare!!!

These are two nightmare I had last night:

the first i had had me running with my mother and younger(he's 10 but in this, he's age 5 or so) brother from unscrupolous characters that my stepfather(someone i do not like or trust in real life) has gotten involved with.i remember he had tried to tell us everything would be all right but disappeared. we end up in a ghetto of sorts. i remember looking out of a room, where gangs are running wild, with shootings, and the building is overrun with scanvenging people.

the mob, or whomever, catch up to us and my mother is shot in the stomach. somehow we all accept that she has to dies, and my brother and i run...

things happen which i dont fully recall but the last scene, which i remember, has my brother much older, in the guise of a superhuman villain. he has killed the whole town- and at the spot where he kills himself- spots of bright blue where he's killed(frozen them in form/time) them.., we determine that the last person he has killed, was my mother, if this is any way significant, in a younger form.

my dream ends. i wake up, go back to sleep...

dream that i am with a group of friends in a sunny outdoor environment . there is a festive but laid back air to everything. the sun is shining there are trees and grass. i remember walking away from my group maybe looking for something or other entertan=inment, and i see this guy pushing a cart with something black on it... i think(and i remember this thought) it might be a gun but i've never seen aone before in real life so must be wrong. it doesnt belong in this environment. i watch him push up the slight incline, on a dirt pathway towards a cluster of people who are facing away. right in front of them is a shallow ditch running along the path. but theyre watching something beyond that not paying attention. he literally stops not five feet from them and starts shooting. there is not blood, and no sound but they start dropping. he turns the machine gun on cart around in a circle and i'm behind him. its somewhat slow motion and i drop so the bullets go over my head...i crawl over... to his other side and drop into the ditch, deathly afraid. i'm amazed i'm not hit. i barely fit in the ditch and i squeeze in, i'm afraid my head will be grazed by a bullet. at first im facing down, but suddenly im facing upward in the ditch. seeing the sky and the two edges of dirt around me. and he comes into the view with a pistol. i think he's about to shoot me. he says something i dont remember now and he takes his finger and pokes my left eye. i dont feel it,as if i'm outside myself, as it is throughout the whole dream.there is no blood no gore but as soon as his finger is about to hit my eye i cannot see out of it. that is when this dream ends.

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Re: two nightmare!!!

these dreams have disturbed immensely all day, i can pretty much infer that my first dream may have been an emotional flashback of past occurences and unresolved feelings. but i have not had dealings or heard from him in months. I do not understand what brought this on. and i do not understand the second dream and its the confusion that really bothers me.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 21 ny

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Re: Re: two nightmare!!!

As they say, "what to say" ,,,, and where to start. You have given a great description of the dreams and from your second post you have begun the 'excavation' - the search for the meaning.
I do not know what you know about dreams yet is seems that you percieve that there is a purpose. This is so - the purpose of dreams is clearest to the dreamer - a certain meaning just feels right, and you know it.
Sometimes it can take some time for the message of the dream to become clear.
How to do it? I am sure that there will be more feeedbacks to you in the coming days - yet you have already started perfectly ,,,, just by reflecting on the dream.
I think you are on the right track - something has triggered a flashback, and there are unresolved feelings ,,, sometimes these can be deeply 'forgotten', and the dream is the one way they have of telling us they are there and that it is a good time to look at them.
It is interesting that there is not blood etc., what are your feelings when you replay parts of the dream?
Do the scenes of chaos reflect periods in your life?

Wow - the is a lot to consider with these dreams - I feel that if you consider them compassionately, as a message from you to you there will be some gold to be found.

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Re: two nightmare!!!

Hi Jane,

Just a couple of questions that would help with an interpretation. Don't feel obligated to answer them.

What age group are you in? <18, 18-25, 25-35, 35+

Who is the biological father of your younger brother and does he play an active role in his upbringing?
Cheers, Stephen G.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 46

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Re: two nightmare!!!

Interpretation to your first dream:

The dream may be trying to tell you something about your relationship with your mother and stepfather, perhaps due to the distrust you have with your stepfather. There seems to be within the dream a mistrust of the masculine {see anima/animus in left column}. Your younger brother starts out trying to escape the same unconscious emotional experiences you feel but ends up being a villian also. Within the deeper psyche he would represent the evolution of your own masculine side which starts out as a companion {as it should be} and in the end is full of mistrust. This mistrust could effect your attitude toward men in general. Because you distrust your stepdad {he doesn't keep his promises} you inwardly begin to distrust your own masculine qualities and thus rely on the inherent feminine traits. But this aspect is affected by the decisions your mother may have made that has caused you emotional distress thus making it unresponsive as it should be in dealing with your emotional world. The developing masculine aspect {your younger brother} in the end becomes this villian which changes how you feel perhaps toward men, and probably how the masculine aspect is utilized within you as you grow older. This has caused your greatest asset, your more developed feminine aspects to change also. The changes are of a negative nature.

The second dream seems to be trying to communicate a more clear image that causes your mistrust towrad your setpfather, and a deeper need you possess that is not being met.

Within you there seems to be this need to be accepted. Looking for enterainment suggests you are searching for some thing in your life. Your masculine aspect offers solutions but it tends to negatively influence the other aspects of your psyche. Part of the problem may have to do with sex, in some way. You try to ignore this aspect but it only tends to make it worse.

From this and the interpretation of the first dream there seems to be some difficulty in the relationshp with your stepfather having to do with the following:

Does your stepfather make sexual suggestions toward you, what others think of as benign? Or there may such suggestions made toward you when no one else is around. You feel these are serious, not benign and harmless and you don't trust him. You probably lay some of the blame to these experiences with your stepfather on your mother. If it is not sexual suggestions it may be his general attitude toward you, which you feel is inapproperiate. You may feel your mother is partly responsible for this.

Let me know more about your relationship ith your mother and stepfather and if what i have stated has any merit. Your response may shine a light on what the dream message is.


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