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i need some help

here is my dream--my ex-girlfriend and her family were going on a cruise and the theme of the cruise was my favorite band,so she bought me a ticket to go with them,but she also brought her new boyfriend along,the week or so on the boat went fine,no storms just having a good time,mainly by myself or with new people i meet,and then as the boat was docking and everyone was getting off me and my ex meet up and i thanked she,she said "no problem i knew you would like it"...she then started to kiss me and told me what ever happened was stupid and we were always ment to be together----that was my dream,if someone could please email me about what it means that would be great my email is indysk8er118@aol.com

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Re: i need some help

Dear Sean
welcome to the world of dream. This is a nice dream, re-assuring and on that I think you should hold to your heart.
The persons in dreams are usually not those in real life, ie: the girlfriend in your dream is more than likely not representing your ex-gf - rather these people represent parts of you.
In psychological terms the person we are is made up of various parts. In men there is a part that is commonly represented by a female - it / she is a deep part of you, who will care for you and guide you - in your dream she 'know that you would like it' ,,,,,
In dreams, water often represents the unconscious, the subterrainian sea upon which life floats as it were - the boat / the cruise is your life and you and your various parts are on it ,,,,,,
i'll leave you with that - please post a response to let me know is this fits/ makes sense

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