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Ghosts and Mirrors

Hi everyone. I had several dreams in one night (or somehow they all blended into each other) and I’m pretty sure they are all related.

Dream #1 – I’m at my grandparent’s house and I walk into the kitchen/dining area. There is a rock on the table that moves, and I know it’s the work of a ghost/poltergeist. I place a Ouija board on the table and begin talking aloud to the ghost. It tells me that it’s angry, and I know that the anger is too complex to be explained on the Ouija board. I tell the ghost that I will have to come back with some kind of psychic/medium. Now, the dream starts over….. and I realize that I’m dreaming. I’m with a friend this time. The rock moves on the table again, and a door to an adjoining room opens (the ghost). We cautiously enter the room. We are both scared, and our arms are locked. I am speaking aloud to ghost, asking “is anyone here?”, but nothing happens. (The room I’m in is the family room, where we used to open Christmas presents or play the piano.)

Dream # 2 – I’m with the same friend and I’m at her house. When I enter her house, I realize that it’s the same as my grandmother’s house, but only a little different. I tell her about the dream I had (dream #1). Somewhere else in the house, there is a party going on, and the house had now changed into an immaculate mansion almost. Everyone is dressed in ballroom gowns, etc and they are people dancing on a black and white checkered floor. I go into the bathroom, and make small talk with a very pretty woman. I leave the bathroom. An angry/almost evil man comes towards me. He grabs my arm, throws me into another room, and locks the door. The room is full of mirrors and I begin screaming. But when I look at the person screaming and the person in the reflections, it’s not me.

Dream # 3 – I’m at some kind of theater (maybe I’m part of a cast in a play?). I meet a guy who I really like and we are looking at some kind of display. He wants to show me something in the basement. We go into the basement, and I get the chills (something I equate to another presence aka warning) I begin to look around, and I notice that there is a soda can that shouldn’t be there. Instantly, I know that something is wrong. I tell the guy that we have to leave, but I don’t tell him why. I have a feeling that there was some kind of evil man in the basement with us and that we got out just in time. We go back to the main part of the theater where the rest of the people are, and there is also a security guard. They say that another girl was hurt/dead/missing (not sure). Someone else says they saw a strange man earlier with a diet coke. I tell everyone that I saw a diet coke can in the basement. The security guard begins to radio his partner to tell him, but the evil man is on the other line. He begins talking to me directly, in a very evil, creepy voice. I’m scared b/c he is saying things that I would only know. The dream ends, and I'm very upset and disturbed when I wake up.

So I’m pretty sure that in each of these dreams, that my subconscious is telling me to recognize some kind of old/repressed anger. Any other ideas or connections? Thanks so much

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Re: Ghosts and Mirrors

Hi drshell
overall I see the theme of identity in your dream.
A deeper part of you is telling you something - the rock (the primative, ancient side of you) on the Ouija board. This part of you wants to show you (the door opens) something, or give you something, or reveal some creative aspect of you that you have forgotten ,,,,,

2. again the friend, going back to something,,, now the house (you) is an immaculae mansion ,,,, dancing on a black and whit checkered floor ,,,, blacl and white - the opposites; taking care whter to tread perhaps.
The evil man ,,,, locks you up ,,,, ? part of you being 'locked up"? Reflections - not truely being who you think you are ,,,

3. The theatre ,,,, of life - and someone you really like => you are more complete. The basement may represent the deeper unconscious parts of yourself into which you can venture when you are feeling more whole. Yet ther is still some evidenceo of someone that frightens you; some part of you that needs to be addressed.

Remember that the message of dreams can range over time, and some of these thngs may not be clear to your waking mind yet.

Does any of this click? What do you think?

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Re: Re: Ghosts and Mirrors

Hi Justin and thanks for your response.

I definitely agree with all of the things you said. I think maybe a part of me wants the "conscious" me to remember or recognize something from a long time ago... maybe childhood. (being in my grandmother's house in Dream 1... Also in Dream 2, I didn't mention that I saw lots of toys on the floor in one of the rooms. I'm assuming this is also pointing to childhood.)

Maybe, deep down I do know what it is (being in the basement in Dream 3) and that I am scared to acknowledge or to face it?

I am still thinking about this, but I guess I was hoping that there was some extra clue that I was missing that would point me to what it specifically was.

Also, in each of the dreams there was an angry man/ghost. Does this mean that my subconsious is angry with my conscious for not recongnizing it? Or does it mean that I need to address some anger that I have within? Thanks!

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 26 Texas

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Re: Re: Re: Ghosts and Mirrors

To comment on your question about the angry man/ghost.
The basement in your 3rd dream may provide clues to this apparent masculine aspect in your life. Basements usually symbolize the deep unconscious.

The second dream mentions your grandmother's house. This could be a reference to her actual house. Determine if this is so, or not.

The anger is most likely something within you that reflects emotional pain somewhere in your life. Ghosts are often paste experiences that come up because they have not been properly put to rest.
Past experiences that caused emotional pain could be the ghost that needs to be placed in its proper place {it may well still be 'buried' within your deep unconscious}.

These dreams seem to be a continuation of your Castle and swords dream. There we were looking at the animus as the masculine aspect. Should we be looking at some real life male instead? Havwe you thoroughly looked at your childhood and determined is there is any 'ghosts' that linger from those experiences?

Look forward to your response.


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Re: Re: Re: Re: Ghosts and Mirrors


My apologies for the delayed response. Work has been a nightmare for me lately.

About the dreams, I do have to admit that I have a lot of anger that stems from my childhood. It's possible that I may have these feelings about more than 1 person, but the anger that I'm aware of is actually towards my mom, and not another male.

I realize that it's very unhealthy for me to keep this anger bottled up. The problem is that I think the only way it will go away is for me to forgive her, which is something I'm not ready to do yet.

I think my dreams are telling me that I need to address this. The dreams aren't clear about who or what's it's talking about, b/c consiously I don't want to know or remember.

On a lighter note... I was having many dreams about changing jobs and wanting to move,etc. Well I did get another job, (I haven't started yet) and it's exactly what I had been striving for.

I also enjoyed looking at the pictures of your deck. It looks great. Now that my dad is retired, he also takes on minor carpentry projects, so I definitely have a strong appreciation for the time and thought process that goes into those kinds of projects.

Take care and thanks again.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 26 Texas

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