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meeting with deceased ex-boyfriend

I had a dream that I was went to a old victorian house and it is really cold. I noticed a sweater and sweatband that my ex use to wear all the time. I picked them up and walked up the stairs to a open room. There was white roses everywhere and pictures of me and Chris(my ex)on a table. There was also a stuff puppy and small box, too. All of a sudden, a projector screen came down and the lights dim. A projector light came on and a "movie" came on. It was memories of me and Chris when we were dating. Then I saw Chris just sitting in his room. He started to talk to me! He told me that he still love me and that he did forgive me. he asked me to forgive him also. he said that he was waiting for me and that he can't wait to see and hold me again. he told me to always remember him and the good times we had and forget the bad. he told me that the small box was for me and that there was a pink diamond heart ring that he bought for me last year but never gave to me because I broke his heart. I started to cry as he said not to cry and everything will be alright when we get together again. then the projector shut off and the lights came back on. i grab the puppy and ring and started to walked downstairs. i turned around and saw a white figure standing there. i walked back to the table and grabbed some roses and the pictures and said, "I love you too Chris"

Please tell me what you think of this dream, I've been having it for a while and I try to let him go. It's been 4 months since he died and I can't get over him yet. please help me. thank you

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Re: meeting with deceased ex-boyfriend

There may be some deeper issues that the dream is trying to communicate, but the underlying message is probably the grief you still hold over losing Chris. Where most dreams are symbolic, such dreams about losing a love one is common, especially in someone of your age. If you were much older the dream would also contain a deepre meaning pertaining to other past life experiences that have not been resolved. Being so young you have not had time to accumulate the baggage older adults possess later in life.

The dream is probably straightforward about your emotions and Chris. The dream is itself a movie, of your life. Most scenes are symbolic of emotional experiences in your life. Grief is a process and Chris revisiting you in your dreams is normal. He may have left this earth but he has not left your heart. Let the process take the time required. Time will help with the healing.

Cherish your dreams because it is the one place you can be with Chris, in this waking life. I still have vivid dreams of a past loved one and even though I can never have that person back, I can experience again those times we had together. And by doing so, having that person in my dreams, I resolve many of the past issues that I ned to resolve involving my relationship whith that loved person who has made the transition to the other side.
I personally believe that the other side is far better than this life. But one has to live this life, with enthusiasm, to experience the best of the other side. Ot


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Re: Re: meeting with deceased ex-boyfriend

Thank you very much, sir. I agree with what you said and appreciate the time you took you interpret my dream. Thank you again...

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 16, Floida, USA

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