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reunion and magic flight

hi,i would be greatful for any thoughts on this dream,
i meet a female i have not seen for years,
we embrace each other and burst into tears,i remember not being ashamed of showing such emotion,
we are both relieved at finding each other after such a long time.
she tells me not to be worried by the fact she has a ring,as she wants to be with me.
we are surrounded by guards and all exits are protected,but,
i have a magic bicycle,like the one in the e.t. movie,as they close in around us,i prepare to fly into the sky.
i was reminded of the ,bride theft and magic flight symbolism from the hero's journey,the translation being,the rescuing of feminine qualities (anima), from outdated, negative,attitudes.
i suppose another version would be ,the knight on his charger rescuing the damsel from an immposed betrothal.

the female in this dream was a friend from way back,who had trouble getting away from a violent,possessive partner.
i helped her get away,then a chase ensued.
myth in action.
regards steve.

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Re: reunion and magic flight

The stimulus for your dream most likely plays into the message that it is tyring to communicate but the overall theme seems to be the acceptance of your feminine aspect. Not only is the primary character female but the emotions {burst into tears, not ashamed of showing such emotion} are also feminine. The guards are probably that aspect, masculine, that prevents you from wholly accepting the feminine {the exits they are guarding are the outlets for your feminine aspects}. The bicycle may be the search for balance. Magic is often a metaphor of how we wish we could magically ascend to that desired place, balanced and harmoneous. But in reality it is one's own discipline that is the magic.

Your friend's experience is your experience, trying to get away from an abusive masculine self. The chase continues.

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Re: Re: reunion and magic flight

thanks jerry,your last sentence made sense to me,
something that i missed when looking at it.
its the maleness that dominates.
the magic cup,the lamp,the elixir that we seek, is the feminine .
this is why i think,i have been innundated with grail dreams again.
i don't think i have switched off from my feminine qualities,but i do feel that i am being reminded of what it takes, a balancing act, ref the bike,and it does take discipline.
i have a lot to learn i know.regards steve

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 49 england

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} m

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