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i had a dream that me, my mom, and my 25 pound cat went to one of those spanish shows where they wave around thatr red thing and try to make the bull chase them. you know. so we were in the stands and my cat was in my lap. for some reason, 9i never dress him0 my cat was wearing a red scarf. then suddenly the bull came charging up the stairs and into the stands chasing my cat. then my cat started to float in the air. then (i have no visual record of my cat soming down) when my cat was down, him and the bull were acting like really close friends. and thats basically the end of the dream. no dramatic climax or anything. please tell me what this means.

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The characters in your dream, you, your mom and the cat probably represent the feminine aspect. The bull fight is a masculine thing. At first the masculine aspect is chasing the feminine {your cat}. But when caught they become friends. This can represent the need and desire of both your waking life and your inner life. You need to balance the masculine and feminine in both.

In your waking life you will be chased by boys {masculine} and even though at first it seems threatening, after you are 'caught' they should become friends {in life you will end up marrying a male}.

The inner life requires balance also. The feminine aspects, compassion, patience, caring, intuitive, responsible, etc. must live in balance with your masculine aspects, which include taking charge in certain situations, being aggressive at times, perhaps even being the bread winner.

At 13 you are now just beginning to come to terms with the real world. You are probably experiencing some of the boys chasing already. The future is full of conflicts between the feminine and masculine. I suggest you live out of the feminine and use your masculine traits only when needed. If a boy is too aggressive toward you, you may need to be aggressive in return {a masculine trait} and learn to say no. Or resist the masculine behavior that often accompanies the desire to be a winner or on top.

Jesus, as an example of balancing the feminine and masculine, was a male, masculine. But his traits were more feminine, loving, compassion, caring, non-judging. Masculine is not top dog, the feminine is. Always remember that.

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