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Futher Interpretation Of My Dream....Please.....Thank You.

It's at night in a heavily wooded forest. In a clearing I'm in a black full length cloak, My feet and hands are covered, as well as My head by the hood. I'm standing at the head of a very large wolf pack which is Mine, I have the full attention of each and every wolf. I'm not speaking to them with My voice but it's understood that they are there to serve and protect Me. I turn to walk away then pause slightly turning to look over My left shoulder at Myself Who is dreaming and the pupils of My eyes are glowing red but are not frightening but knowing. When I woke from the dream My spirit felt calm and at peace.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 49 Denver, Colorado

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Re: Futher Interpretation Of My Dream....Please.....Thank You.

The symbolism of night and the wooded forest suggests there are unconscious events within your life that are at the center of your attention. The black full length cloak further suggests there are aspects about yourself that are hidden, or guarded. The fact you showcase the word My gives the impression some part of you is seeking to control your total self. It is as if you either seek or/need attention. This attention may be an inner quest for recognition. You are speaking to yourself. You may have cloaked yourself in some controlling aspect that you see as your core belief.

Are you currently involved with some type of mystical adventures? The dream points to unconscious events but the narrative suggests you are at least partially aware of these events. Being involved with the mystical aspect can be your salvaltion, if you do not let it consume you.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 55 Murfreesboro, Tn.

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