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The White Horse.....

It is day and in this dream I'm walking away from My dream self with a very large white horse, who I'm holding on to with My right hand by the bridle. I am not leading nor following, I am walking with as if holding a conversation that My sleeping Self can not hear. The horse is full bodied and old, not in age but wisdom. It's strides are heavy and deep yet gentle. It's full tail moves gracefully back and forth as it walks. It's neck is bowed beautifully, thick and solid, the mane long and uncut. As for Myself I'm fully involved with the horse as We walk, We are going some place but I don't know where.

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Re: The White Horse.....

I refer you to my interpretation of your first dream. The symbolism in your dream and the way it is presented is not standard dream narrative. The emphasis on My along with the other symbolism suggests either a deep realization of inner knowledge or a case of possession that threatens to take control of your life. Some feedback to your actual life experiences may shine new light on your dreams.

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