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Baby Shower, Abandoned and Confronting Evil

I was attending a baby shower -Baby room was pink, pinks curtains, pink furniture, and it was incomplete. Women attending the shower were asking me if I had a baby, I said no. Two women at the shower looked pregnant. One woman in particular was telling me how she had to sit up in bed at night sometimes because her back hurt her alot. There was a woman I knew who was saying she was tying her tubes. That is who the shower was for, her mother was there as well and we were being entertained in the New Baby’s room that was not finished. I remember pink blinds/curtains, pink furniture and pink accessories. A group of 3 women then started to play shower games on the floor. The games were clear pieces of what looked like glass with black and red writing on it. I watched down at them as they played. Suddenly one of the women drew back the blinds and then a short young man (early 20s) started to sing a song for us. The dream changed and suddenly changed into a Party and this gentleman in white shirt and black pants came over to dance with me, very enthusiastic dancer. When I was walking off the dancefloor I saw an overweight woman in a bathing suit telling me no one had offered her a drink and asking if they were any roses around, I went to ask a bartender for roses. When I came back there was dancing being done by two women, when one was finished, she disappeared into the crack in a wall. Then the other woman started to dance, comically copying the one before. Dream changed again and I was in a green grassy field, it was nighttime and the stars and moon was out, there was a tall good looking brown haired gentleman dancing with me, I gave him a gift and then he gave me one. One minute I was dancing with him and the next he spun me around into another man's arms and I watched him disappear. He was telling me something but I can’t remember what it was. I loved him and knew he loved me - the person he had left me with was going to take care of me. The other gentleman gave me his gift which was an old tie with a note attached to it. The note attached was saying that he had arranged for 3 wishes for me. The first one was for a woman to play a tune for me, as she walked off to do that, a huge emerald stone exploded in the sky above me, sending out clouds of green dust, didn't know what the other wishes were because I then woke up crying because I know he had told me goodbye and was letting me go.

2nd Dream

Little Boy about 7/8, he was possessed by evil and I knew it I kept touching his forehead and saying In the name of God let him go. He had two women outside my bedroom window who were speaking to him. He crawled through a rectangular hole in my wall to go speak to them, then they came inside and spoke to me telling me that I had to leave him alone to do his work. I refused to do that and told them so. One was dark skinned with long black curly hair, she addressed me directly, very civil conversation, I was wary but not threatened by them. But I wouldn't stop what I was doing because I knew the boy had good in him and I was going to fight them for him.

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Re: Baby Shower, Abandoned and Confronting Evil

Baby showers can symbolize new aspects or new things coming into your life. The pink may indicate these are feminine aspects, which according to the dream is incomplete. Your dream may an indiaction of emotions about not fullfilling the role you think is required of you as a woman. It may have to do witha desire to have a child. Do you wish yo have a child, a baby? Do you feel unfullfilled becuase of these desires? It may also have to do with the man in your life. Is there one? If so is he co-operating with you in your desire to fullfill your feminine role? It may have to do with a baby, or it may have to do with being accepted by some masculine entity in your life.

The second dream seems to be pointing to masculine aspect that seems to be possessed {controlled} by things that are not ordinary {evil can mean bad things but not necessarily evil devilwise}. This masculine aspect seems to want to be left alone but you have a need or desire not to. You believe ther is a possibility this masculine aspect does have the ability to co-operate with you.

Does this fit somewhere within your life? take the two dream interpretations and see if they fit with some aspect in your life. A desire to fullfill your feminine needs or role with the masculine aspect either resisting or not being present.

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Re: Baby Shower, Abandoned and Confronting Evil


Thank you for your interpretation of my dream. To answer your questions. Yes, I am trying to get pregnant now for 8 years. Yes, I feel like I'm not fulfilling my duties as a woman by not being able to get pregnant. Babies are definitely on my mind. Espeically little baby girls. There is a man in my life who's behavior pattern frustrates me.

With regards to the second dream - I'm in a predicament right now with a family member of mine who is trying to manipulate and control me. She is trying to assert herself and using alot of masculine traits to do so. I think she could co-operate if she received some psychological helpt to deal with her issues.

Thanks again,

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 34

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Female

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