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riding a bicycle

I Gerard, I had this dream 2 days ago, i was riding my bicycle, going up around a small mountain, it was hard to ride at that moment, I was going slowly, then I noticed the front tire needed air, so I made a u turn over my left side, and began ride very fast dawn the mountain, passing nice small pretty houses with beautiful gardens on the front, I saw flowers and a variety of colors and greens, I was thinking “I need to put air on the tire” then I woke up…..
I think this dream is reflecting my desire to balance an activity or behavior, or ?, don’t know yet. Any idea?
i've been reading some of the dreams posted, but don't have too much time left with my new job....
many thanks

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Re: riding a bicycle

Most likely there is some aspect, event, experience in your waking life that fits the small mountain in your dream. You are probably going around an issue, having a hard time with it. The tire that needs air may indicate some part of you or your life needs more energy given to it. Wheels are cirular, the symbol for wholeness. Giving the proper attention to this apsect of your life will help give balance to your life.
Taking a left turn is to be a bit daring in your decisions or actions. And it re-directs your energies to their proper place {U turn}. If you do this the downhill ride will be easier, and things will come up roses {gardens}. Your house {you} will be much more harmoneous, ther will be more variety in your life.
But you have yet to make the decisions/ take the actions you need to make, or take. You need to put air in your tire before it deflates completely leaving you stranded.

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