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Stolen Car

This morning I dreamt my car had been stolen. It seemed I was home as I was preparing dinner for my parents who were in from out of town (which is the case this weekend) Somehow I went outside and saw that my care was gone. Only I was initially in such great shock and denial that I kept looking for it in front of the house at the curb where I thought I had parked it. There was no driveway like in my real home, but on the street parking. My youngest daughter looked in the back of the house for me to be sure. I then began to question if maybe I had parked around back or just not on the street where I thought I had. It began to sink in so me and some person I can't recall began searching around the neighborhood. This guy came down the street really nice, the image of a guy I see in church from time to time and I saw once at a Single Ministry functhion; however, I've never officially met him. He was really nice and seemed to know the history of the neighborhood and told us if you are looking for a stolen car you're looking in the right place. We had gotten to this area where stolen cars had been scrapped, stripped, etc. But we could find no sign of mine. I went back to the house and phoned 911, by this time I realized I was not at home in Virginia, but visiting in Chicago for a few days. As I reported my car being stolen it was not much of an emergency in the area, but something they were use to and not high on the priority list. The operator wanted to know if the "whole" car was stolen, or just parts. When I told her the whole car, that seemed to make it more of a priority. Then I told her I was out of town. I began to cry and explain I was only suppose to be there visiting a few days, that my parents were back at my home only for a few days. I was scared because I had no other way financially of getting back home, although in the back of my mind I guessed my parents would help. before I called 911 I kept going back to the front of the house and wondering about the back thinking I must have forgotten where I parked. Anyway as I cried on the phone the operator began to cry with me. She was sniffling and so was I as she listened to me. Suddenly I realized I had to trust in God and I began to whisper over and over that I will trust in God, then I began to say thank you Jesus. I woke up singing a song older people use to sing during church testimonials. I will Trust in the Lord, I will trust in the Lord, I will trust in the Lord 'til I die. Even after I was fully awake I continued to sing. I then got on my knees to pray and thank God. And up until I go on the web to search for interpretation, I have continued to sing the song, because it will not leave my spirit. As well as another verse, I'm going to stay on the battlefield, I'm going to stay on the battlefield, I'm going to stay on the battle field until I die.

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Re: Stolen Car

Cars often symbolize who we are. In today's world our vehicles are an extension of our persona. But they also symbolize other aspects of who we are, the unconscious life as well as the conscious. Dreaming of not being able to find your car often symbolizes some aspect of who we are that is not recognizable, or has been neglected. A stolen car may suggest some part of who we are has been taken from us, perhaps some unconscious aspect that is vital to wholeness has in some way been removed either by our own personal actions or by some experience.

Your parents could represent themselves but also some higher aspect of your own psyche. When you look at your waking life and find the car gone {in the dream}, there is some sense that a big part of you is missing. This may or may not have to do with your real parents and may have to do with those aspects you possess that are not being utilized or have been removed by past experiences {as in childhood}.

In your dream you keep looking in front of the house for your car. The house is you and the front may represent your waking self. Your youngest daughter, the innocent self that is not ruled by the ego, looks to the back, which is the unconscious self, your inner self. You confirm this when you question where you had parked the car.

There is a masculine aspect that enters into the dream. This could represent some real person but again probably symbolizes your own masculine aspect. This is a part who you are and is familiar with the other parts {the neighborhood}. The church may represent a waking attempt to find this missing part of you {God is masculine}. You believe perhgaps this is a way to find this missing part but when you het to the appointed place {church requirements} you realize it is not where that part of you resides. The chuch {your religious self} places much emphasis on faith but the actual delima that faces the individual is often not taken into account. Faith alone will not cure what ails you. Personal aspects are often not high on the list of priorities, faith is always the answer instead.

When you begin to recognize that this car is a vital part of who you are {the whole car was stolen}, then it becomes a priority in your life. This is the function of dreams, to show you what is important to your well being. The financial part may play a role in what you are missing in your life. Do your parents actually help provide in this aspect?
There seems to be some self pity involved also {both you and the operator both cry}. Sniffling is not being in control.

The whole thing about God and the Lord. This is a waking experience and not a dream experience. I think you are placing too much on faith instead of trying to find that thing that is missing in your life {your car}. God gives you the tools to do what you need to do, he will not do it for you. You can sing and pary all you want but if you do not actually physically try to bring wholeness into your life, God will neglect you.

What it is that is missing in your life only you can determine. If you are a very religious person {which seems to be tha case} you may need to get away from certain expectations of your faith and look to your own abilities {and inabilities} to determine what it is that is missing in your life. Are you married and happy? Was your childhood a happy one {not just a yes but actually examining your childhood for what really was there}. There is something that is missing, your dream is attempting to convey that to you. And even though dreams do provide insights to the spiritual self, it is not the same as a religion. Western religions deny the feminine and put too much emphasis on the masculine. What condition is your feminine self {see Anima/Animus for more about the masculine/feminine aspects}.

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