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I have had a few weird dreams lately...but two stand out.

1st dream:
my husband and I are swimming toward a dock on a cloudy day, in very dark murky water. We realize that a huge ship is closing in behind us. we barely make it to the dock before we get crushed. We both start running on a a long stretch of deck- like walkway toward these wood almost cabin looking buildings. we are running from something....It wasnt shown in the dream.

Next thing we know we are both tied down on tables by our wrists and ankles. there is a mean old man( looks like an evil old doctor), in a white lab coat, fixing doses of lethal injection. we are in one of the wood buildings, and i see a window with sun coming through. My husband and I look at each other and hold hands, and the old man gives us a parylizing injection. were still looking at each other, holding hands. then we get the lethal dose, things get fuzzy , then I wake up.

I also had a dream last night that I was scanning myself( I am an ultrasound tech by day ) and I was shocked to find that I was pregnant by 10 weeks. I saw the gestational sac and the fetus. all I could think was, Oh my .....

The next night, my husband had a dream that I had twins.

My husband and I have had a rocky relationship for several years, and know that I am out of college, things are more tolerable..but there is still tension....and I certainly am afraid of having another child by him. What do all of these dreams mean??

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 26, memphis, tn

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Re: 2dreams

Your dream may be trying to communicate two things; one being about your inner life, the masculine/feminine aspect, and two, the actual relationship between you and your husband. When you have water, clouds and anything dark, it suggests something is not quite right, doesn't have enough light to it for a balanced focus. The hugh ship that is closing in behind the two of you may represent the relationship with your husband, and at the smae time how you are handling your own inner psyche relationship between masculine and feminine. Is there something that is threatening to crush your relationship with your husband? Is there something that you, or he, or the both of you are running away from in your waking relationship? When there is conflict in waking relationships there is normally conflict within yourself {the masculine/feminine aspect}.

Something may be subduing your ability to communicate certain feelings and/or emotions pertaining to the relationship, so much so that if not properly confronted it can be fatal to the relationship. This is something that you may not wish to happen deep down, but will happen anyways if not properly confronted.

If there is not this waking relationship conflict between you and your husband, then the dream is probably trying to communicate some past experience where the masculine and feminine were in deep conflict. For more about this possibility look at the anima/animus link in the left hand column of this page.

Scanning yourself is looking within. Finding that you are pregnant suggests there is soemthing new that you either want to come into your life, or is actually coming into it. There seems to be some indecision about this possibility, which reflects your true emotions {as all dreams do}.

Now that I have read your last statement about the rocky relationship between you and your husband, the first interpretation probably applies. Your dream is trying to commuicate, and help sort out the rocky relationship. As for the dream of having twins; both you and your husband probably realize there is friction in your marriage, thus giving birth to new possibilities if the two of you work toward a solution. It takes two to tango and the two of you wanting to work through this to reach common ground.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 55 Murfreesboro, Tn.

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Re: Re: 2dreams

That makes sense. Deep down, I want things to be fine and dandy, but I have felt so neglected ( him not being supportive in the past ) I am having a hard time getting over it and wanting to be close to him. I cant seem to shake the negative attitude towards him. He is still not supportive in some ways....But he has worked to improve.

What does the doctor in the dream represent? That part of the dream really freaked me out.

Im working alot this weekend, so my responses may be put off until Monday!

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 26, memphis, tn

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Re: Re: Re: 2dreams

The doctor in your dream probably represents a combination of several things. One, it probably symbolizes the the need for healing, and repairing your rocky relationship.

He may also represent your animus, your masculine aspect, seen as something evil, the masculine qualities of your husband being a projection onto to your own behavior {in response to your husband's behavior you in turn act out the same behavior, fussing and fighting, masculine qualities}. In your relationship it is your husband, the masculine, that is seen as the evil counterpart to fixing your relationship. This is a representation of the wise old man in reverse. Instead of healing, he {your masculine aspect as projected by your husband} is causing pain instead.

Because he is wearing a white coat he {your husband} is seen as covering up something good within him, which can become lethal and cause the relationship to fail. You look for the good within him and the relationship. The lethal injections may symbolize your fears about the relationship, especially having another child. The holding of hands between you and your husband is the wishful desires that there could be a meaningful healing of the relationship.

Dreams are strange in their approach. The symbolism can be directed at two or more aspects at the same time. Within the paragraph about the evil doctor, the symbolism is directed at both the bad parts of the relationship and the desires of healing within the relationship. These are your inner emotions and the dream is attempting to help you work through the emotional issues within your relationship.

Let me know your thoughts on what I have provided and perhaps we can explore more of the possibilities. In interpreting dreams I can only provide the framework of what the dream is trying to communicate. Only you can provide the dteailed personal aspects.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 55 Murfreesboro, Tn.

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Male

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