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Birth to a baby bear(brown)

Okay, I'm very new at this. here goes. The other night I dreamt I was pregnant. I had decorated the baby's room and had everything ready for our new baby. I finally delivered the baby and it was a bear instead of a baby. In my dream I could not figure out how I had an animal instead of a human being. I was not afraid (just confused) I tried dressing the bear as if it was a real baby and that didn'tconvince me. I tried numerous of things. I came home one day and the baby bear was sleeping on the floor in a fetal position and i said okay a real baby would not do that. and then it comes the kicker. I put the baby bear on a diaper when the bear had to use the bathroom it took the diaper off and used it on the floor just like a dog would use the bath room. But still In my dream I was still trying to figure out how I gave birth to a bear.

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Re: Birth to a baby bear(brown)

Dreams of pregnancy often indicate a desire or need for something new to come into your life. Your dream indicates you are preparing fo this new aspect {decorating the baby's room}, or at least have an expectation of it {whether you get it or not}. Having a bear instead of a normal child may suggest you are seeking something lovable, cuddly in your life but instead you are getting something different {this may refer to a current relationship you are now engaged in}. What you have instead {in your waking life} is a more aggressive, forceful thing instead of the more caring, lovable thing you wish for {I say thing instead of person because it could be addressing something other than a person}. And no matter how you dress it you can not hide the true facts. The behavior demonstrated by this person/thing is not normal, even if you try to cover up the issue within your own mind. Your expectations are one thing, the reality is another.

Another possibility is the bear is a part of your own personality. Have you recently displayed emotions that are not normal or usual for your personality? You may be trying to hide certain emotions, but instead they come out as something you normally would not display {bear instead of baby}. These are animal instincts that are being displayed and not those of a sensible human being. The bear could represent this aspect within you and/or some other person/thing in your life.

Let me know what your impression are and perthaps we can discover more about these expectations.

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