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Hi, I am unsure what this means, but I remember being inside of a church, there was a few wooden seats at the front where older ladies sat. Suddenly those older ladies decided to move even close to the front, but after they did someone at the back said something aloud, seemed to make fun of them. That person was a man, who was dressed up as a priest. The priest taking the mass decided to punish him, and ordered people to bring a bowl of white cooked rice on his knees. A daughter was sitting next to him, and when she saw the rice in the bowl she decided to help him by eating some of it.
After that I don't remember anything else, but I remember that it was quite emberassing and humiliating for him to be brought that rice to him.

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Re: rice

Being inside a church may suggest going deep inside your true self. The older ladies may represent your wiser qualities, a wiser, more mature you. You desire to move closer to this aspect of yourself but you are afraid of being ridiculed for it. The man may represent a real waking person, or it could represent your own masculine self. Being a priest may suggest a connection to a religious aspect {real, or an aspect of yourself}, and it again a masculine. The punishment is either by a waking person whom you see as punishing you for perhaps utilizing your wiser feminine qualities, or your masciuline self wising to keep you from utilizing them. The rice may symbolize nourishment, more precisely spiritual or creative nourishment. The daughter is your growing, innocent aspect taht wishes to give nourishment to the masculine aspect, showing the masculoine apsect it is ok to partake of this inner nourishment. The humiliation is contray to the masculine traits, but is required for the wise feminine aspect, if it is to grow.

Some posibilities to the dream:
You my be questioning some aspect of your religious faith. The masculine aspect of Western religions insists that the feminine be kept silent. Your soul requires nourishment, feminine nourishment, if it is to obtain true spiritual growth.

Also, there may be feminine qualities that you wish or need to utilize in your life but because of programming or actual waking life influences, you are punished chastised for using them. There is again a need to use these feminine aspects dispite the ridicule that comes from the masculine {whether it be inner or actual persons in your waking life}.


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Re: Re: rice

Hi Gerard,

I am not sure what this means,
but I have had church dreams a couple of times.
It might not be literal as this, but I used to attend mass more regularly and now I don't seem to go as much rather very rarely, I used to talk to God, now I don't do much.
Therefore it seems to me unsure as to why the older ladies represent the wiser me, although again it may just mean getting to know myself more.
I guess that at this stage in my life I am trying to be comfortable with myself.
I am not sure who is the feminine aspect, although I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend now for almost 4 years. And I still feel like growing in this relationship. I used to go to the counsellor few years ago, and I do tend to get upset often still, I am trying to learn why, (although I know why I respond to some situations by getting sad) I am more trying to stop myself from getting sad, I tend to get sad when friends, or close people to me like my mother, brother or boyfriend say something to me, and I get upset, and really take things to heart, and start crying even if I shouldn't interpret things as I do. So again when I look at my relationship with my boyfriend, i feel like the one always trying to learn?
This may be the masculine aspect of the dream.
Also my father is not active in my life, he lives with us- the whole family, I sometimes tend to despise him, my parents don't get on well together. It seems the bad times outweight the good.
Now with me feminine, my mother has had a strong influence on me, we used to argue a lot, although not now, yet I still get dreams of her being very angry at me, and shouting.
Again I am not sure, how the dream exactly relates to this, we tend to look at our problems first in our waking life and try to fit this into the dream.
I want to try looking at dreams without the influence of the waking life, but I guess that's not possible is it?

Thank you kindly Gerard

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 23 Australia Melbourne

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