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last night i had a weird dream, It was night time and I was in a shopping centre waiting and looking out for some one but I knew we hadnt arranged to meet but I really wanted to see them. Then I got asked to go somewhere else by a women who I havent seen in years with lots of other people. Anyway, we went for a drive and ended up outside my old school where I saw two teachers on 'night patrol,' trying to get rid of some drunkard youths. We then went into the school which was a restaurant in side, Im still looking out for the person I was in the shops,. When we leave the restaurant I go on a motobike and my 'friends,' in the dream go in a car, but they crash the car infront of me as we are driving away from the school. It is then that I see the person I was looking for.
It was a very weird dream! and Its worrying me a bit, please could you help interpret it?
thanks alot for your time
all the best

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Re: searching

The person you are looking for may symbolize some aspect within yourself that you wish to become a part of your waking life. This aspect is a quality that you are aware of but have not given time to get aqauinted with properly {hadnt arranged to meet}. You are still learning about this aspect {the old school}. You may need to get rid of some other youthful aspects to be able to fully realize this more important aspect {two teachers trying to get rid of drunkard youths}. The learning experience that you will gain is within you and it will provide nourishment {restaurant}. You are still searching for this part of you {person in the shops}. The friends represent otrher aspects of yourself and when you leave this more important aspect you tend to 'crash'. It is then you realize these 'friends' aspects are not what you want or need.

Two possibilities, actually three that I see in the dream. One is what I described above, you are looking for that better aspect within you, an aspect that probably has to do with maturing and growing. The other may be actual influences from people around you that cause you to get away from growing and keep you in a place where you constantly 'crash' because of your actions. The third is it may symbolize both.

You are at an age where you have to decide whether to stay with your adolescent ways or go forward and become an adult. This dream may be addressing this aspect of your life. Have you recently thought about this phase of your life? When you do those things that you did as a 'child' you can not find the true person you need to become. It is when you 'crash', do the silly stuff a youth would do, that you sense it is time to grow out of this stage of life and move on to higher things.
Let me know your thoughts and perhaps we can learn more about the possibilities.

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