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2 nightmares

1st dream, i have a friend altho i didnt know her arrive at a restarant where we were having drinks, she apologises for being late but she had just broken up with her boyfriend. next minute this guy walks thru the door and pushes her to the floor then he takes a fork and stabs her in the eye, then in her face repeatedly. i wake up totally freaked.

2nd dream. i go back to sleep and dream i am in a friends shop( i dont have a friend that owns a shop) i am telling them about this horrible tragedy about this guy stabbing this girl and then i look out and see him sitting out side the shop on a bus bench. i tell my friend to go lock the door as i didnt want his to see me and recognise me. she ignored me and he walks into the store, i figure i will just have to hope he doesnt recognise me. he walks up to me and says he is selling old childrens records do i want to see them i take them from him and flick thru them and as i do he stabs me with a pen. blood gushing everywhere my friends still ignore it, i drag this guy outside the shop and scream for help as i cant lock him out as his weight is too heavy on the door. he bursts back in looking for me, i am screaming and no one hears . i run out of the shop and he is following me with a blunt knife. as he gets to me i figure i am about to die, then i think why is this guy doing this, it is because he is straved for affection. i realise i have a gun in my room and so i kiss him and lead him back affectionately to this shop where i live upstairs. i take him upstairs get out this gun and shoot. i run back down the stairs and ask why no one came to help me. my friend asked if i was sure he was dead,. i then hear the sound of my baby and realise he is up in the room with her and altho i shot i never saw the guy dead. i plead with one of my friends to go up and see if he is dead. she goes upstairs and comes back down and grabs a sheet of stickers when i ask her if he is definately dead she says well his eyes keep opening so i thought i would put stickers on them. i wake up freaked out!!!!!

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Re: 2 nightmares

The girlfriend may be a part of you that you feel apologetic about. It is probably a part that let's the masculine {either your own masculine self - see anima/animus in left column - or actual men in your life. Being stabbed in the eye suggests you may not see this aspect about yourself. Being stabbed in teh face repeatedly suggests it is something you may face repeatedly in your life.

The second dream gets to particulars. There is probably some experience{s} in your life where the masculine {probably real persons but also may symbolize your own masculine qualities, or both} 'stabs' you. Stabbing is not an actual stabbing but an emotional one. You probably want to lock out these experiences and nor recognize the harm they may be causing. Even though you know the pain you still ignore it.

Lok at your life and detremine what fits with the dreams. They are nightmares so the actual experiences may be nightmares also, if you would only admit to it. You are probably covering up your true emotions even with the pain this masculine aspect brings into your life. It threatens you but you tend to ignore it. You may feel by happen stance it will go away {killing it, but never knowing for sure if he is dead} but in reality, deep down you know better.

Lte me know your thoughts about my interpretations and perhaps we can further expand on the dreams meaning.

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