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Hi Gerard. It's me again.

This dream started with the new boss that I currently don't reports to. I will be but don't know when. So, I see him not doing something that would be "good" for me. He is ready to travel and we are at the airport but he does not do what I really expect him to do. then I try to call the person that I am having an affir but I cannot reach him. Then I see myself getting into the plane and traveling with my current /old boss. We are going to London. I see lots of airplanes landing and taking of .

I hope this is not a bad sign...


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Re: airplane

The boss is the new masculine entity in your life, the married guy you are having an affair {in your personal psyche this is the masculine aspect, taking control, being the boss}. The two of you are not married, so you do not report to him, nor he to you. But you hope to one day, you don't know when, and perhaps unconsciously if.
Perhaps, also unconsciously you feel he, your mister, is not doing what is best for you. You are probably having intuitive doubts.

Is he talking about leaving his wife, but has yet to do it, will not or can not decide to finally do it? One moment he is ready to travel {make the move?}, the next moment something gets in the way {Opposites: landing and taking off}. You have made your desires known to him, but you can not reach him so that he understands your feelings. You may be afraid of going back to where you were before you met him. But you also may feel that place is not as bad as you make it to be. I wouldn't mind a trip to London.
You are indecisive about things also, your emotions are probably up and down.


In the myth of the Hero, it is the natural instincts, abilities, that help overcome obstacles, slay the dragons. Along with the helping hands of fate. One of our most undeveloped physical resources is the intuitive self. Listen to your intuitive mind, do not let the emotions obscure what is really there, and you will discover truth. The soul speaks through the intuitive self. Find the discipline and courage to do what your soul tells you to do.
This may be one of your shortcomings, the discipline. And the roots to that could be from earlier childhood. As in your need to be loved as a person.

Question: Have you totally put the abuse thing with your teacher in its proper place? Have you ever confronted him? That may be important to do, sort that out, confront him if necessary. You may be able to put closure to it without that but knowing you have acknowledged your true feelings about the whole experience is important.

Has it been two times you have been fouled by love? Or at least you felt that way? The abusive teacher, and from someone in your childhood.

Your were fooled{?} by love, you have that experience. By examining the whole experience, everything about it, you may see things you had not given much thought to previously. Look at the experience throughly with your teacher, and your childhood.
Be like the dream, look at it as a third person, without bias one way or the other, and you will discovery what is really there.

Let me know your thoughts.


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Re: Re: airplane

Thanks very much Gerard.

definelty I have the doubts that he is not doing the best for me and I asked him that many times. his marriage is very new and he tells me that he knows what I need from with but not with a conviction. He is going to make a desicion next week but who knows in what direction.

Discipline could be something that I am in need of. No I have not confronted anyone to deal with my past experiences since I live in a different country now. another dream I had today was with my step mother who gave me a lot of grief and abuse when I was a child. I have lots of dreams with her in it. Perhaps, I need to deal with that too. What is ironic is I spent all my life trying to forget those painful experiences and beleive that I accomplished it. Now, it is all coming onto the surface.

Yes, it could be many times that I was fouled by love and got myself back in the same place, lonely and hopeless. It seems like I have a problem with trusting people even though I can forget about everything and let them abuse me most of the times. I confuse myself with my own behaviour...

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Re: Re: Re: airplane

You are not alone when it comes to patterns of behavior that tend to frustrate life. I read recently that half the American population at one time have experienced some sort of psychological disturbance.

What to do about it? My first instruction is to find discipine. I know it is easier said than done but you are doomed to repeat your failures as long as you give into those emotions that re-inforce your behavior pattern. Looking for love in all the wrong places will only provide failed relationships.

Second, and I know this is something most will not
submit to, is to seek counceling. A trained psychologist or therapist can help you in sorting out those demons that persist in guiding you in your decision making. You are still at a very young age with many years of life ahead of you. If you do not part with the errant patterns of behavior you live with you will be doomed to repeat them over and over. You will need to break those patterns and with proper help you will be able to do so.

You obviously have a problem stemming from childhood {as most of us do}. Those experienes are re-inforced within our unconscious minds and carry forward through out life, until they are confronted and neutralized. Trying to forget only pushes them
deeper into the unconscious where they reside until some stimulus provokes them and brings them back to life. They do not die, they only hibernate. If you do not acknowledge these patterns they will surely surface sometime in later life, at mid-life if not before. It is either pay me now or pay me later. And later is always more expensive, psychologically speaking.

Until then you may want to read some info that provides insights to patterns of behavior. This
website will help you
Methods For Gaining Insight Into Ourselves


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 55 Murfreesboro, Tn.

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Re: Re: Re: airplane

take heart, if there is one person to trust it is youself - as you look at your dreams it takes bravery and discipline it is true, yet in doing so it shows yourself that you care (for yourself) and that you are willing to help (yourself).
well done

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