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abandon ship

things have been a bit quiet on the dream front,but my latest dream needs a good airing ,and i would welcome any thoughts.
i am jumping into the sea with three others,off a small wooden ship.abandoning the ship.
the drop is huge,hundreds of feet.
i watch as the three go first,and i wonder if they will make it,
they surface and are ok.
out of the blue,comes an enormous ship,the words ,a nine masted barque enter my head.
it is the biggest ship i have ever seen,and nothing like this would ever have existed for real.
i shout to everyone to grab the life lines hanging down from the huge ship,as it is not going to stop ,we must grab and hang on.
now on this huge ship,i am pulling a kayak and a small boat up onto the decks .
i have my sleeves rolled up.and i am happy to be doing the work.in fact i am in my element.
campbells words,sometimes you get an intimation as to where your bliss is,grab it,came to mind.

i did some research on the ship,and to my amazment,a ship like this actually existed.
the chinese,built a nine masted ship like this in the 13th century,the biggest ship ever to be built at the time and it was a treasure ship,for the ming emperor at the time.
somthing i must have read about many years ago,and stored in my unconscious.
one of the people who jumped ,was an old neighbour of mine,in his late sixties,he decided to sell up and move to scotland and start a new life,
i always admired him for this leap of faith,
i look forward to your insights,
kind regards steve.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 49 england

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Re: abandon ship

The dream seems to be a good synopsis of your personal journey. You've descended to the depths and have made the return. The number four is a symbol for wholeness. Perhaps you are closer to an Individuated psyche that you suspect.

And what is the final realization? The power of the feminine, symbolized by the ship. If you hang on to that, put your energies into the metaphysical Self, then are there.

The Chinese Ship

When you speak of 4s and 9s you are in the realm of the Goddess, the feminine. It may seem at odds with the symbolization of nine in Chinese mythology since it represents the masculine {Ancient Chinese regarded odd numbers as masculine and even numbers as feminine}. But we are Westerners and the opposites holds true.
{In Western mythologies the snake is seen as evil -the Snake, Satan and the Garden of Eden as an example}. In Eastern philosophies the snake is positive--the Nagarjuna
is an important part of Hindu and Buddhist mythology.
The serpent that is psycho-physical energy is called, in the tantric or yogic system, Kundalini Sanskrit: coil of rope.} It is a form of energy that is referred to as if female, and it is described as having the thickness of the hair of a boar, and coiled 3-1/2 times around a symbolic lingam at the base of the spine where it is in an almost dormant state.


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Re: Re: abandon ship

hi jerry,
very interesting that you bring up the intergrated psyche and feminine aspect again,in my research into the 9 masted chinese ship,i also found that they were totally self contained,not only carrying treasure,but growing food,storing water,even had levels of water tanks so fish could be kept.
all this seems to be a pretty good metaphor for a total self and all held within the feminine,(the mother ship)its beginning to make sense now.
a leap of faith towards this aspect of myself is an obvious issue,
one that in time will come about.
many thanks again for your words of wisdom
regards steve.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 49 england

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