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I killed my dad

I remember i was at my old school ( i just moved here about 4 months ago and havent had much luck with people around here friend wise) and i was hanging out with my friend foozy. The school was big but it was also gorgeous like a palace it had beautiful paintings on the walls and everything was just gold and beautiful. So my bus driver road past the school and didnt stop to pick any of us up. A little later he came back after we were hanging out inside the school. By the time i got home to where i use to live at my grandmas house her and her friend don were coming out to look for me in a jeep so i knocked on the back windshield so they could see me before they pulled fully out of the driveway then she crashed into her lightpole that was at the end of her drive way. She said your dad is really mad that you werent home. So i go in and he asked where i was and i said that i was at my school and i told him everything that happened and he had these two huge cutting knives in his hands and he started calling me a liar and a slut and a ***** like he would when i lived with him there at my grandmas at times. and he said i oughta just cut you up right now and i said well go ahead and some how the view got changed to where i was parrallel with the floor and my feet were close to his face and he was cutting my legs while calling me names. then i got a fork and a butterknife and i was back on the ground and i was so sad that i had to stab my dad so i stabbed his right shoulder and it bled and i stabbed his chest but when i stabbed his heart is started to bleed a green ooze. Then i went outside and beetlejuice was in front of me saying i had to change fast and he said this while he was running in front of me but we were both running like cats on all fours. and i said okay and i started to change and i was deteriorating like i was dying then i was a ghost and everyone in my dream was a ghost from there on but alot of the people didnt know they were but i did and i had powers like sabrina the teenaged witch. So some how i took the form of pamela anderson and she had just written a book about her and tommy lee. and some one asked me " oh what part of your book are you going to talk about?" and i said my book? they said yes! and i was like oh its a surprise so i go into my grandmas bathroom which her whole house was attached to this huge glorious auditorium which was where i was supposed to be giving this speech. so i went in the bathroom and sat on the toilet and all of pamelas stuff , my stuff like the book and some other things, were on the sink so i grabbed a copy of the book and i liked the cover that she had on it and i wanted to change mine to look like that so with my powers i was changing it but i couldnt change it to be just like hers i kept trying and trying and trying but it was always a different cover, different style. i never ended up giving the speech and tommy lee ended up walking on the auditorium stage cupping his naked self and giving some speech about how much he loved pamela, me. when i was with my dad and in my grandmas house everything was so dark but when i was any where else it was glorious and beautiful and gorgeous.

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Re: I killed my dad

Killing your dad probably symbolizes a desire to change your dad. Your dream is most likely reflecting the relationship between you and your father. You wish he were different, a father that treated you like a father who loves his daughter. You need that attention of a loving father {the Pamela Anderson images are a cry for attention}. You wish you could change things as there are in your life {the bathroom- a place where you eliminate unwanted things}. You feel your father is controlling your life but not giving the love and attention your require from him. When you are with him at home things are dark and depressing. When you are away from him you feel alive, life is good This is probably a positive aspect of you, in a life where ther are too many negatives. This is important. Retaining that positive outlook in a world that is often depressing is essential in your growth into adulthood.

Is your life as I stated in my interpretation? If so you need to find a way to make your life better while around your father. Leaving isn't a wise thing, the possibilities and opportunities will be worse than staying. I suggest, if I am correct in my assumptions about your relationship with your father, that you reveal in those times away from him, being with your friends and being a happy teen, and endure those times with your dad, until you are old enough to be on your own. You can be that beautiful and gorgeous person, even if others think less of you.

If there is more to the relationship with your father than abusive language, perhaps abusive treatment physically, then you need to talk to other adults and have that corrected. Abuse should be reported. Seek help from a school councelor if in fact there is abusive treatment by your father. It would be wise to talk to a councelor either way, for moral support.

Where is your mother in all of this?

Let me know your thoughts to my interpretation and get to me. Perhaps we can determine what more the dream is trying tyo communicate to you.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 55 Murfreesboro, Tn.

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Re: Re: I killed my dad

Well my parents got divorced 5 years ago and my dad kidnapped my little sister and i from our mom with out us knowing. and we had been with him until this feburary. He abused us but it was all mental both of us and with our mom it was both physical and mental. yes i liked it alot more when he wasnt around and i hated going home after school when i lived there. i would get down and upset. now that i live with my mom its better. he would come around us on his own schedule. if he was happy every one should be if he was angry you better stay away. living there was really hard. but like i said he would only be nice and friendly when he was in the mood he usually stayed to himself, he would stay in his room isolated. he didnt really take care of us and he would hold back money for himself when we needed things and he would go spend it on himself or whatever he wanted. he had told us before that he didnt need to buy us anything and that it was his choice too. when he was nice it was nice. thank you for reading over my dream. i hope this has helped some more

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Re: Re: I killed my dad

It is good to know that you no longer live with your dad. Your dream reveals just how traumatic the experience was. Your dad has serious unresolved issues. I suggest you openningly discuss the whole matter with someone you trust, your mother if she is receptive, or at least an adult that can help you work through it. It may take time but you need to resolve it best as possible. Your mental health is as important than your physical health and what you hav egone through was as you stated 'mental abuse'.

Thanks for the response and good luck. If you have another dream that needs attention please post it for interpretation.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 55 Murfreesboro, Tn.

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Male

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