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jesus and the magic spring

i find a small bubbling spring in a tiny grotto,the waters are refreshing beyond belief,i drink,it tastes sweet.
i am so happy at finding this magic place that i want to tell and share with the world.
jesus turns up and totally stuns me by saying that, i am not to tell anyone about it,infact, he instucts me to wall the grotto up with small flat stone slabs.
the spring is hidden,
i put my ear to the stones and i can hear the water trickling behind the wall.

wanting to keep this spring for myself(consciously) would be an ego issue,
but having jesus(my spiritual self) telling me to keep it,and hide it,?
am i being spiritualy selfish?
any thoughts will be gratefully recieved.
regards steve.

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Re: jesus and the magic spring

As with the Gnostics of the Jesus era, the knowledge of the inner Christ is a hidden knowledge that even the traditional Christian church was unaware of {blind to}. The Gnostics, like you and I, understood the metaphors, that 'one hidden thing' {remember Joseph Campbell in the Power of Myth - The one hidden thing of myth?} it is hidden within the individual and needs not to be brought in from an outer source. To possess the inner knowledge is a threat to the ego-centered mind.

The ego will resist. It is selfish when left undisciplined. It has the cultural imprintation, the biblical Jesus is in many ways portrayed as opposite to the true Jesus {inner gnosis}. To discover the true Self, you have to betray the ego. The inner Christ is opposite to the imprintation of the ego. The dream is a conduit for all aspects of the self, including using the opposites as metaphor. The ego will use whatever defensive mechanisms available to retain its control. It can use the dream for its intentions. Your dream is an example.

Just when you think you have the dream all figured out, it presents you with new metaphors to be understood.
Perhaps this quote says it best.
He who knows, doesn't know.
He who doesn't know, knows.


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Re: Re: jesus and the magic spring

i must be blind,even after reading this stuff,i still manage to stumble trying to find the right words,and apply them to the dream ,of course you are right,jesus,hidden spring,behind a wall,all talk of gnostic text.
i have ,as i said read this stuff,the inner self we seek is evident in these texts, the thomas gospel,explains it all,as spoken through jesus himself.how i missed this i don't know,
another testament to the value of the MDS site,and especially your insight.

i will endevour to work on this dream and expand it further.
thanks steve

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 49

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} m

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