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Tatto dreams

I have 2 dreams involving tattoos for 2 nights in a row. I do not have any tattoos.
The first dream, I had a tattoo on my upper right arm, I was suprised it was there, but in the dream I seemed to have a vague recollection of obtaining it. (Not the physical act but knowing I had it done.)It was a cool design (not sure what now).
The second came last night, this was on my right arm as well but consisted of 3 large symbols (one seemed to be a teddy bear) on the back of my arm. Sleeve-like. They were bright and colorful (I remember this as it seemed to be kinda girlie and cartoonish). I seemed to understand in the dream that the design meant something (I don't recall what) but it had something to do with Indians (Native American). Also, part of the design (seemed to be tribal like lines) glowed in the dark. Which I remember saying to someone in the dream that I thought that that type of ink as poisonous and they said apparently not.
That's all I remember, wierd huh.

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Re: Tatto dreams

in some tribal cultures,tattoo's were used in rites of passage ceremonies,and would certainly have left a lasting impression on the initiates, usually pain was involved,either physical or psychological or both.
perhaps this dream is bringing to your attention,a memory of an action or experience from your earlier years,(the bear tattoo,)it could also be a pun,on what you have had to bare.(your own rite of passage)tattoos today for us,can be associated with the more matcho male,and perhaps the inclusion in your dream of the cartoonish/girlie type tattoo,is a reference to this.
the feminine is a part of the male psyche that is often repressed,usually because of the demands put upon us from outside influences,peer pressure etc,the feminine is an inner influence that needs to be expressed,( the girlie tattoo ?),a feminine, creative impression,only you will know which aspect is dominent in your life.
i am sure members will add other possibilities for you to explore,something will click.
hope this helps ,regards steve.

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Re: Tatto dreams

Steve makes some very good observations about your dreams. The rites of passage are an inherent part of the psyche whether it be male or female {females have the physical indicator with the start of their menstrual cycles}. Although few modern Americans practice rites of passage it is still engrained within the psyche no matter how slight the recognizition of the conscious mind. Jewish men have Bar Mitzvahs. Circumcision is practiced by Catholics as a ritual . For a better understanding of the rituals we only need to look to the myths. The actual rites of the myths were most often a physiacl experience. Today it is mostly psychological.

As for your dreams.
Tattoos are marks left upon us. In dreams they can symbolize past experiences that have left a mark upon the psyche, even though we can 'vaguly' remember the experiences. In your first dream you state 'not the physical act'. This may signify the experience was as Steve mentioned 'psychological'.

The second dream the tattoos glowed in the dark. This may indicate that this may be an unconscious experience more so than an actual conscious one. The teddy bear, or bear, in association with Native American myths are often seen as a symbol of healing, power and wisdom. The 3 may be significant in its representation. Jung saw 3 as a number that represented something that is not quite complete {4 being wholeness}. Perhaps you are in need of that final step of the ritual to wholeness, a psycholgical quest more so than a physical one.

Also in the second dream you seemed to understand that the design meant something but didn't recall what. This may also be an indicator of unconscious activities that have to do with a psychological rite of passage, something that is ingrained within the psyche but not necessarily practiced physically. What you though was poisonous is in experience, not poisonous. One part of you seems to think it is but the other aspects, perhaps the wisdom of the ancient pysche {Native Americans}, knows otherwise.

What I believe is part of the message of the dreams relates to the stages of life. You are that threshold of mid-life {you are 32 and about the enter the first part of the mid-life process} and the dream is trying to communicate your feelings about getting older. Have you recently given thought to this? It is a normal event {as would be the rites of passage in a group that practices such rites}, a psycholoigical rite of passage from one stage to another. I would look to this possibility as one aspect of your dreams.

But there also may be something from past experiences in your life that left an impression upon you psychologically that is at play also. I would do as Steev suggested and look back to past experiences, forgotten memories to see what may be there that is assocaited with teddy bears, or even tattoos. Since your dream seems to be as much psychologiacl as physical {coulde very well be both} it may take some effort to discover this aspect of the dreams. Further dreams may shine light on what the message of these dreams are.

Let me know your thoughts and impressions. Perhaps we can expand on the dream message.

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