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A spider everywhere...

I keep having dreams that have a spider in it. Usually the spider is resting on my chest or right next to me on a pillow. The most recent dream was last night. I dreamt I was in a barn...sleeping in a normal bed and this spider was dropping from the rafters onto me. Lately, I will wake up and still see a large spider on the pillow next to me..which usually causes me to gasp and try to shoo it away..although it's not there. It's becoming a near nightly thing.
I'm just curious as to what this could mean. It's been occuring so frequently that I thought I'd search around and see what I could find. Any suggestions?
Thanks in adavance,

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Re: A spider everywhere...

Hi Brandi

I do not know how much you know of dreams and so I would like to mention a few things - dreams are a great means of access into what's going on beneath our own surface; they speak using images that represent the message (rather than words) and dreams recur because part our ourselves that we are not attuned to really wants us to know something. And - dreams are custom built - the message is for the dreamer; others can help but the dreamer knows.

Spiders may represent 'getting caught in the web', stickiness. There is an element of invisibility about a spiders web - it appears innocuous yet it is strong and enmeshing. Are there aspects / events in your life that this might respresent.
Another aspect of the spider may be its representation of networks, connectedness. These may be almost invisible threads of conneectedness

Please post a reply of your thoughts

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Re: A spider everywhere...

Spiders have several possible symbolic meanings in dreams. One is of the mother as an object of dislike or fear, especially in men. If you have a normal, healthy relationship with your mother then you can dismiss that symbolism.
The barn may symbolize emotions that are held within the unconscious {outside your conscious view}. You are in your normal bed thus symbolizing your normal world. The rafters may represent the intellect. Trying to shoo the spider away may suggest you are trying to get rid, or better yet hide, some aspect about yourself, perhaps some self destructive attitude or behaviour. You think about this in your daily life but give it no real attention. Perhaps it is something that is bothering you and you need to get off your 'chest'. Identify bthe spider symbolism and you have th message of the dream.


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