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I was hoping someone could help me connect the dots on this dream.

The entire dream takes place over serveral days, but it's always at night. I'm at my parent's house. My friend is living in the house next door to us. She is being forced to stay with him in the house against her will by a very mean and brutish man. (Picture a professional wrestler type)

We speak to each other frequently in the front yard
and she tells me how unhappy she is. I get the impression that he is angry that we were speaking to each other. He builds an apparatus in another part of the yard. It's basically an elevated platform with a tub of water on top of it. He makes her watch the water as punishment.

I tell my friend that I'm going to help her escape and that I will drive her to the airport. On the night of the escape, it's very late and we're moving very quickly. I open the trunk of my car to put her bags inside, and my cat (kitten actually) is in the trunk sleeping. I make the cat get out, and we begin driving away from the house, but my door is partially open. The kitten and another cat are following and are trying to jump inside. I finally get the door shut, without harming the cats, and we are on our way.

It's pitch black and we are driving on unfamiliar back roads. I begin to think that the man will be angry with me for doing this, and that he may harm my family. I am scared to go back to my house. The dream ends. (Also, there was another person was in the car with us, a woman, but don't know who she is and never spoke to her.)

My interpretation :
The man (my animus?) wants another part of myself to do something. But my conscious self doesn't want to accept it or like it. It has something to do with the platform with the water. (a higher part of my subconscious self?)
I'm afraid he will hurt my family. Maybe this means that by disobeying the man, I am hurting the other parts of myself? Not sure how the cats fit in.

Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!

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Re: Escape

drshell is a regular contributor to the Dream Forum.

I believe that you need to substitute the masculine aspect wanting you do something and replace it with the 'feminine aspect' wanting you to do something. The dream speaks of what the friend {feminine} wants and does. This has a negative affect on your masculine aspect which could be a symbol for the ego.

This other feminine aspect is unhappy. The ego {symbolic for your masculine aspect?} does not want you to confront this {I get the impression that he is angry that we were speaking to each other}. This is a normal reaction by the waking ego when confronted by deeper unconscious needs and desires. Making 'her' watch from the unconscious is how the ego wishes this aspect to remain {He makes her watch the water as punishment}. The ego will fight against such important unconscious contents if it feels it will threaten the waking consciousness established life.

The cats are another symbol for your feminine aspects. The escape is the unconscious contents wanting to escape to your conscious mind, a desire for acknowledgement. These feminine parts of you are asleep where you normally store your baggage {your emotional baggage?}.

The family is your total psyche, all the aspects that make up who you are physically, psychologically and spiritually. There is a fear that by acknowledging these unconscious feminine issues the ego will cause harm to your psyche. You must call its bluff. You will not be able to be completely whole {go back into your house} unless you do.

What needs to be done is to determine what feminine aspects you possess that have as yet been fully recognized. These aspects call out for conscious attention. In prior dreams you mention anger directed towrad your mom {Response from your Ghosts and Mirrors dream}. Perhaps this is 'one' of the unresolved feminine issues this dream is trying to communicate.

What are your thoughts?


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Re: Re: Escape

As always, you are always able to help me put 2 and together.

I think you know that I changed jobs recently. This position that I have now, is something that I've really worked hard to get and have wanted to do for many years. I felt a huge sense of accomplishment after getting it.

But now that I'm at this point, (and I know it's been a short time), I've begun to wonder if it's what I really want. For so long I worked towards a goal, and now I don't really have one. It's a strange feeling. I would say that for a while, I felt like I was stranded in a boat in the ocean, with no land in sight or no current, completely at the whim of some external force. Now I would say that at least the current is taking me somewhere.

Getting to the point, I have begun to consider changing into a completely different line of work.. maybe something oriented with psychology (just a thought in the back of my head). The friend in my dream is also considering a career change, into a completely different field. Everything you said about my ego rejecting this change is true. But deep down, I have a feeling that I will eventually make this change at some point in my life. I think my feelings about this became stronger after reading Sabrina's "Stonehenge" dream.

thanks again.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 26 - Texas

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} F

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