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dream about fight with sisters fiance

last nite i dreamt about having an argument with my sisters fiance over the phone and the last words i yell to him is 'it's all your fault"

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Re: dream about fight with sisters fiance

To be honest with you there is not enough info provided to give a real interpretation to. I suggest you post the full dream and any thoughts you may have about the dream.

If there is an actual conflict with your sister's fiance in your waking life then look at that for some direction to the meaning. But it probably has to do your own personal qualities. You should look to the metaphorical nature of symbols as they pertain to your psyche and personality.
Sister's fiance may symbolize possible commitements you have in your life, perhaps having to do with the masculine qualities {Examples: a need to forceful, aggressive, competitive, steadfast, etc.}. There is conflict in this area {argument}. Perhaps you lack these skills or need to focus on those parts. These may be committed/uncommited {indecision-preparing to commit but not yet havinf done it} parts of your feminine self {sister}, your related masculine qualities.

The phone may indicate a need to better uinderstand your unconscious reasoning to the conflict, a communication between conscious and unconscious.

You are yelling at yourself, 'it's all your fault'. Have you made wrong decisions lately that were your own fault? Maybe something to do with the masculine qualities mentioned? Or perhaps something was your fault and you haven't admitted it.
It could very well have to do with your sister's fiance. Dreams use the symbols in various ways to describe different things. One symbol can be addressing two, three, even more different aspects in your life. Your sister's fiance may represent commitments in your life, yoour own masculine aspects associated with those commitments, and at the same time have something to do with your actual sister's finace.

Compare that to your waking life and see if it fits anywhere. Or post the whole dream and anything you feel related to it.


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