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Hi. I need some help with a dream I had. In this dream, I am participating in a contest, answering questions to win a prize (something like Who wants to be millionaire). I know that at 6:00 I am supposed to be at an appointment with a man (who is actually a friend) because he is waiting for me. I have a clock next to me, I can see how the time is passing, but I keep answering the questions. I am more and more distressed because I know he will leave if I am not there at 6. When I see it is 6 sharp, I start running to go find him. Then, I am within a maze, I cannot find my way out...the time runs very fast, and I realize lots of people are behind me trying to stop me. I am more and more distressed...I cannot find my way in the maze. Suddenly it is dark, I know he is not going to be there...but I can see him...when I see there is a wall right in front of me and this was not the right way to go out of the maze. And I wake up.
Some additional info on me: I am married and have one son, my marriage is having problems because I have been feeling bored and not satisfied in the relationship. And I have been talking about this with this friend I have seen in the dream.
Could you please help me with the meaning?

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Re: Laberynth

The answer most likely is included in your additional info about your marriage. You probably feel as if you need to prove yourself in your marriage {contest}, and having to answer questions about your marriage {answering questions}. You feel time is of the essense to get your life on track {passing time on the clock}. You can not find your way out of this situation and there is indecision on what to do {maze}. Unconsciously you feel your husband will not be there for you, there is a wall between you and him {wall}. You are in a hurry. But being in a hurry is not the right way out.
The number 6 possibly has significance in your dream. I see the number 6 as conflict, especially to do with the inner self. In your dream six may represent your male friend and his role in this marriage situation.

The dream is addressing your troubles in your marriage. It is a complex situation because of your son? What role other than advice is your male friend playing? This may have to do with the dream's message. The function of dreams is to help you make the right decision. Don't be in a hurry.

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Re: Re: Laberynth

thanks a lot for your insights. I think they are right on. In my waking life I am putting lots of pressure on myself to make a decision about my marriage (it is just me, because my husband and friend´s advise is "take your time", "don´t rush into conclusions"). But I feel the time is passing so fast and I feel anxious about staying the same...So I think the overall meaning is "don´t be in a hurry because it is not the right way out". Thank you for clarifying that. Now, I have one question on how to interpret the man I see in the dream. You are saying this man can be my husband, that cannot be there for me, and with a wall between us? Because in the dream it was my friend...normally when I dream I cannot see real people, and in this dream it was an exception, I could see clearly it was him...This is why I am wondering: should I think of this man as my friend, or an image of my husband or maybe a part of me? What can be the meaning of this person?. For me, in the dream, it was like a solution, a way out, a protection...I needed to reach him, but I couldn´t...
Any suggestion? To answer your question on the role of my friend in this situation...he is just listening to me, he is living in another country, very far away from where we live, so we just write emails, chat and talk sometimes on the phone. But I am thinking more and more about him and would like to have the opportunity to see him in person to see what happens....He is helping me a lot because my husband doesn´t want to talk about our issues in the marriage, he is seeing this as a personal crisis I need to solve my myself. Regarding my son, I am worried to make him suffer in case of a divorce, I don´t know if this can have any relation to the dream.
I am explaining all this because I think this might help you to understand more on the meaning of the dream. Thanks again!

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 37, Caracas

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Re: Re: Re: Laberynth

If this man is merely a friend and nothing else then he probably represenst an aspect of your own psyche.
He may represent those masculine qualities you feel you need to fail back on since there is a wall between you and your husband.

He could also represent that image you hold in your mind of how you wish your husband would be, a true friend, responding to your needs and providing those masculine qualities a husband is expected to provide. This is what your friend in real life is doing, listening and being open.

This is a personal crisis and it does require you to work through it. But if your husband fails to respond then there is little hope of any real changes or prgress. Have you confronted hin with your feelings and how important it is that the two of you work throught this crisis? If so and he does not respond then perhaps you should consider outside help, marriage counceling.
Make sure your husband understands your deep concern and the possible consequences if things do not improve. As long as there is a wall between the two of you there is little hope of the marrige surviving.
Perhaps one meaning of the masculine within you is that you may need to be more forecful in getting him to understand the consequences.
Good luck.


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Re: Re: Re: Re: Laberynth

Many thanks for your answer. You gave me good food for thought.
Kind regards

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