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the talisman

i have just come back from a canoeing trip in scotland,great to be able to drop the everyday baggage.
while there i had this dream.
i am playing a guitar quietly to myself as i feel i am not good enough for others to hear,
i am playing nights in white satin by the moody blues,
a very tall male appears,i have to look up at him as he is over 8ft tall.
he is leaving and he has a talisman to pass onto someone,out of three people present to my amazement he chooses me,
i put the talisman around my neck,and i immediatly have a short seizure/fit,(i felt that this talisman might have been in conflict with the one i was already wearing)but it soon stopped.
the tall male then told me,that because of this talisman,the devil would never sit on my knee,and that jesus would protect me,i then felt a surge of energy pass through me.
the talisman i was already wearing ,i felt, was a metaphor for the belief system i am holding onto(my protection)but was incomplete,the talisman i was given,completed the circuit,hense the surge of energy.

i could'nt help but notice the hero's journey contents again,the supernatural aid(talisman)and especially the ,final deed must be done by ones self
(departure of the tall man)

i would value any thoughts on this .
regards steve.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 49 england

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Re: the talisman

Nights in White Satin, by the 'Moody Blues'. Is this a synopsis of some part of your life? Interesting symbology that calls out for understanding.

In the trials that must be overcome in the hero's adventure, it is that one last thing that stands in the way. For Perceval, in his quest for the Grail, it was sex {Joseph Campbell}. Even with the aid of the helping hands Perceval wanders in the forest missing the opportunities of realizing the true significance of the meaning of the Grail. And in the psychology of the dream it is about the emotions.

Nights in white satin never reaching the end
Letters I've written never meaning to send
Beauty I'd always missed with these eyes before
Just what the truth is I can't say any more


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 55 Murfreesboro, Tn.

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Re: Re: the talisman

thanks for your thoughts,
interestingly enough,the nights in white satin,is about depression,lonelyness,and gin soaked evenings in a small apartment,and moody blues would reflect the same.
in all honesty,i have never been that low.
i do play the guitar,and like the dream, i play for my own pleasure,not feeling good enough for other ears yet.
i felt that this dream was compensating,a lack of faith in myself,
with ref to the parsifal/hero journey,at first i could not see the sex/last test (staying true to the quest),but based on what you have said, my latest dream deserves to be mentioned as it is clearer and is a follow on,
i am at a gathering,a large pond in the centre,
i watch a small golden skinned child,he falls into the pond and sinks straight to the bottom,
i dive in to rescue it,the water is murky and i have to reach out with my senses to try and locate the child,
nobody else at this gathering has seen what has happened,my old judo instructor turns up with a woman on each arm and invites me to join him,
he tries to tell me that i did not see what i saw, but i say no,
i then tell everyone that i am going in again,this time with a small garden fork,and i am not going to give up,as i know that,what i have seen to be real and true,while digging,i kept having visions of finding the child ,covered in mud and silt,and bringing it to life.
i think this answers the question,stay true to the quest.
incidently,i had this latest dream before i read your comments,and i think they mirror this dream very well.
onwards and upwards.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 49 england

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