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in my dream, i was fighting with someone, i dont know who that was, in this dream we were flying and he's chasing me in the air... when he caught me, he stabbed me in my back and then i woke up..
as soon as i woke up, i felt the pain in my back...

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Re: Fighting

on occasions various physical aches and pains can find a way into dreams,have you ever had a dream when you need the toilet,only to find that on waking ,you do need the toilet ?.
did the pain in your shoulder make the dream or did the dream make the pain?
flying can sometimes represent,freedom,expanding our horizons,could the fight be between your conscious attitude towards freedom,and a part of your self,(you did 'nt know who the other person was)that is unconscious,a shaddow aspect.
on a more personal level,
its possible that the dream could reflect a recent outer event ,backstabber,doe's it remind you of anyone?
i would think that it is more to do with an inner conflict,a shaddow aspect is undermining your will to be free.
just a few things to think about.

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