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i dreamed i was on the right side of the car driving and i had 3 other passengers up front with me. this other car asked if they could get in front of so they could spee. i knew these people in my dream but not in real life, they spead off doing a 100 miles an hour. shortly after a cop came racing behind them and gave them a ticket. i saw them later on and asked them where my lottery ticket was. they gave me 3 dollars worth instead of 10 and i was mad then i awoke.

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Re: car

You did not provide your location but from your e-mail address {comcast.net} I assume you are in the US. That is important since in the US cars are driven from the left side. In Europe it is driven from the right.

If your driving the car from the right side your driving on the wrong side. The car would represent the direction in some aspect in your life that you have chosen to take. The 3 other people and you equals four which would suggest this aspect may be vital to finding balance in your life {4 is the number for wholeness, balance

The other car suggests posssible alternatives in your life, one that wants to take the lead. That aspect suggests you are going to fast in your decision making. The cop may also represent a haste of recklessness and the consequences of going 'too fast'. Lotery tickets are games of chance and getting 3 instead of 10 suggests you are being short changed. 3 is also one less than for, not quite where you want to be {balance and wholeness}.

What decisions in your life at this moment may apply to this dream?

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