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nights in white satin.

hi gerard
i have been pondering your response/thoughts on my talisman dream the past few days,especially the ref to the parsifal myth.
i suddenly remembered joseph campbells words.
.. myth is the song!
i looked at nights in white satin,the song,as a myth or a section of myth,and there it was ,the wasteland/forest,,the longing for love lost,the failed grail moment,the regret,the aloneness,this is what i feel you saw,i just needed to see it myself.
the realisation that this myth is trying to live through me,is the talisman from that dream,a true ah ha moment.
its amazing the lift that a dream unopened can give,
regards steve

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Re: nights in white satin.

Hi Steve
I wonder if you can elaborate - do you mean that the talisman represents living the myth through your life ?
This recalls a dream of mine where a 'priest' gives me a beetle, and anlther where a guru/holy man blesses me after I take off a yantra/talisman ,,,
I am interested in the aspect of being 'given' something by a higher power / architype

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Re: Re: nights in white satin.

hi justin,great question!
jung stated the importance of relating dream to myth,
i think you have hit the nail on the head,
if we realise a particular myth living through us,
and recognise the reflections of this in dreams,this would most definatly act as a talisman,it would give us the confidence to continue,
the words to nights in white satin are in a sense an update of where i am moving out from,i am parsifal in the wilderness,almost on the verge of dispair,and low and behold supernatural aid,in the form of empowerment,confidence to continue,
this is exactly how i feel right this minute,

interestingly,in one of the grail stories,the first time parsifal enters the grail castle,he is wearing armour,the second time he has none,he is nearly naked,
i mention this because of your,
being blessed by a holyman after discarding a talisman,sounded similar.
regards steve

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