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Strange Nightmare

I had a strange nightmare, which is not really unusual for me. However, this one is bothering me, and I want to get someone else's take on it. In the dream, I am first in an apartment and friends come over. The apartment is a mess, with old clothing strewn everywhere. I throw the mess into the bedroom, and then I am cleaning it up and talking to them. I stop what I'm doing to show them photos of the apartment all neat and clean, and then, rather quickly, I am done cleaning up the mess. I remark in the dream that it really didn't take that long to clean up, after all. Then, I am outside the apartment, and a little girl hands me a bouquet of flowers. (Transitions in my dreams are really abrupt) She hands me a bouquet, and the flowers are a white carnation, a pink rose, and other yellow and purple stock flowers. All are brown around the edges. I begin to get scared. Then, suddenly, I am in a basement, and there is a young man there. I know that he is evil and is going to hurt me, and hurt a young girl who has tried to talk with him to gather information to help others (not sure how I know this). He has discovered her ruse, and is pursuing her. And me. And he is covered in wounds, like piercings, or stab wounds. He wants to inflict these type of wounds on myself and this girl. We are trying to get away from him, hide. I even happen to know this young man's name is JD. I am with this girl, we've run down a paved garden path, and then we're in hospital or insitutional type hallways. Then I'm awake. I woke up feeling really distressed. Any input would be helpful.

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Re: Strange Nightmare

Nightmares often suggest there are stressfull events in your life that you have not or can not resolve.

An apartment may represent some aspect of your self, some part of the whole. As the dream suggests this part of you is in a mess. The friends may represent other aspects of yourself that have not been fully incorporated into your life. Old clothing suggests past experiences which may contribute to the mess in your life.

Throwing the mess into the bedroom may suggest this part of your life {bedroom}may be part of the problem. You are trying to clean up {correct, alliviate} this part of your life. The photos may represent memories/experiences from the past and may have to do with self image. The dream suggests it would take much to clean up this aspect of your life.

The little girl may represent innocence as does the flower bouquet. But they have brown edges which may suggest this aspect is tarnished. There is fear assocaited with this aspect.

The basement symbolizes the unconscious. The young man could well represent some real experience in your past. The whole scene in your dream about this young man may represent the past. There may be emotional wounds associated with these past experiences. The little girl is you, a part of you that is fleeing from something emotional within you.

The initials JD may be important. What do the initials suggests to you? What past experiences coincide with the dream images? Was there past traumatic sexual or emotionals experiences in your life that have not been properly resolved?

Concentrate on these possibilities to help determine what needs to be resolved to help clean up the mess in your life, especially in your bedroom.

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Re: Re: Strange Nightmare

Thanks, Gerard!
I will consider your thoughts and see what I can glean from all of those considerations. I appreciate the input!!!

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 41, Georgia

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