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I dreamt that I was doing a show (a show that I'm currently doing) but we were being directed by a hostile man. He would scream and yell, throw tantrums. In the center of the stage there was a clear box with foil-wrapped candies and on top of the box was a stack of cards listing what each one was. The card fell to the floor, possibly my fault. The director began screaming at me and the argument escalated into a gun battle. We each took a gun from a black plastic case and we were shooting at each other.

I suddenly got the idea to begin destroying the black case. He looked shocked and nervous and began asking if his immortality was inside. "Of course not," I replied.

Flashback: I'm standing at the front steps of his woman's house. I'm handing her a small white plastic container (like a film container) filled with small white feathers. She removes one feather and gives it to me, saying "you'll need this."

Back to the fight: I destroy his immortality and am able to finally destroy him.

His henchmen are rejoicing that I have taken down a tyrant and we are shooting guns. (I don't like guns, by the way). I am immortal. I am shooting through walls with perfect aim. Every gun I touch is magic in my hands.

I come across a middle-aged man in a trenchcoat, shoot him and he is catching each bullet. Several bullets ... or darts...? go into him, but he isn't effected by them. He opens his coat to reveal a bunch of white feathers.

I suddenly remember seeing him along with four other men behind glass and knowing that they are angels.

He tells me that my training will now begin.

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Re: Immortality

An interesting dream, one that needs a deeper examination. I will delve into the dream today and give you a proper interpretation. This morning requires me to give time to the social dragon {work} and trying to interpret your dream in a rush is not the proper thing to do.

If you can please tell me if there are any associations in the dream refering to men that relate to your actual waking life. The angry director, is there such a person in your waking life who fits this mold? Knowing associations to actual real life people helps me to better understand the symbolism in your dream. If you can provide other associations in your waking life that you feel are related to this dream please let me know what they are.

In the mean time you may want to read about the anima/animus {masculine/feminine} aspects of the psyche at the left column of this page.

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Re: Re: Immortality

Let's see... I don't really have a direcor present for the show that I'm doing and the director who set up the show is a wonderful woman, but I do have some father issues. He was a real tyrant, but I feel as though I've made a lot of progress there.

The show is often stressful and I do have struggles with my show partner, but nothing tyrannical.

I have been doing a lot of anima/animus reading and working on that process. I find it fascinating.

I don't really have a connection with guns.

Thanks so much for your insights


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 32 New York City

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Re: Re: Re: Immortality

Dreams are shows, or plays, depicting the current situation of the waking life. It can also include the past which of course affects the current waking condition.

There seems to be a lot of personal symbolism in this dream that may be hard to get at. Most of it may accessible by you. I will offer some suggestions and let you decide which if any fits your life.

The show in your dream is your life. What part, or period of time, will need to be determined. The hostile man could very well be your father. The pattern of behavior seems to fit the relationship of a tyrannical father. Since there is no other male who fits this role in your life, your dream best fits the father/daughter relationship you spoke of.

And while the dream symbols of the hostile man in your dream are addressing some aspect of your relationship with your father, it could also at the same time be addressing your own masculine tendencies. Do you at any time display such hostile behavior {hostility is a masculine trait}? Or are there hidden emotions you tend to hold in {repress} that descibes the dream symbolism? What aspects of this hostile man in your dream fit your personality? Answering these questions may lead to a better understanding of your personality as far as the masculine aspects are concerned.

Back to your father. What is at the center of the stage may be what the dream message is trying to communicate. The clear box may symbolize unconscious contents {box} that are now seeking to become clear to the conscious mind. The candies and cards may have significant meaning. The gun battle may be the where the relationship with your father has become in the present. You still have to battle it out with him even though the relationship has improved.

There also may be some deeper significance to these symbols. Not having looked at the rest of the dream, I would offer up the suggestion that you look back at your childhood and determine if the symbols have meaning there. How bad was the relationship with your father when you were growing up? Was there some other male {masculine} in your earlier years that may have fit the symbolism of this dream?

Destroying the black case {unconscious contents} that threantens the immortality {an aspect that lives forever as long as it remains hidden or undiscovered} of this masculine aspect offers possibilities that there are hidden or perhaps repressed aspects to this part of your life and/or psyche. If unconscious contents that have not been properly acknowledged, or that have been repressed, begin to surface then whatever the events that are at the center of the dream message will betray the immortality of this masculine aspect.

Flashbacks could suggest past experiences that are now re-establishing themselves. The front stspes of the woman's house may symbolise an entry to your own feminine self, as a woman, that was affected by past masculine experiences. The plastic container may be a reference to the unconscious with the feathers symbolising release of certain unconscious contents { feathers are uplifting and light, ascending to a higher conscious understanding}.

In the fight you destroy the masculine immortality, or in dreamspeak you take away the hidden aspects that gave it immortality. Once you do this you are able to confront and remove the obstacles that stood in the way of confronting this negative masculine aspect. Where does this fit into your actual waking life?

Your immortality becomes possible by removing the masculine obstacles that perevnted you from being whole {which would also symbolize immortality}. What exactly the meaning of the guns have is not clear. Look at the dream dictionaries to help determine their meaning.

The man in the trenchcoat is probably the hidden masculine aspects that the dream message is centered on. Middle aged may be describing an actual male person, with an emphasis on 'it may be describing'. The bullets, or darts, which are not affecting 'him' may be your own masculine self which is no longer affected by this outer masculine entity. You have overcome {or are in the process of ovecoming} the hurt emotions associated with this masculine aspect. The white feathers that are revealed my symbolize freedom from this negative aspect.

Once you have confronted, acknowledged and defeated the neagtive masculine aspects, they become apparent and are no longer negatives, but become positives {angels}. Living without these past negative influnces provide you with new training grounds that you can base your life on. You are a vdifferent and better person because you have overcome the negatives.

The dream does seem to be addressing some past negative masculine experiences that have been overcome. That fits with what you say about the relationship with your father. But there may be deeper issues in the relationship that are not quite apparent that need to be resolved. I suggest you look back and see what, if any, issues that you have yet to confront. As far as the your own personal masculine aspects as they pretain to this dream, the relationship with your father may have tainted your ability in resolving issues that are masculine in nature {such as being tyrannical yourself, or unable to be this assertive when the need arsies}. By looking at your life, past and present, and being objective about it, you should be able to determine what masculine aspects in your life are affected, or have been affected.

Let me know your thoughts on my interpretation. There are many possibilities to the dream but it is clear they involve some masculine aspect, in a context of the whole dream. If I had a greater knowledge of your actual life, I would be better able to understand the personal associations. It is up to you to finally determine the actual associations since it is your life.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 55 Murfreesboro, Tn.

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