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I had a dream I was on my back pourch with my boyfriend and I was just stading there with him and all of a sudden there was bees around me, (the tiny bees) and one stung the back of my hand and I freaked out and ran off my pourch and I got stung a couple more times on my legs and then I'm at the edge of my yard looking back at my pourch and my boyfriend is gone and theres a huge swarm of bees. Please help, im so confused on this one!

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Re: Bees

It looks to me as if the bees in your dream may be those little things in life that 'sting'. Since the dream mentions your boyfriend it may have to do with that relationship. Perhaps it is some things about the relationship that are stinging you. In the place of your boyfriend there is a swarm of bees. This suggets either the little stinging things in the relations
are swarming in his place or you are so enthralled by the relationship there is pain when he is not around.

If the boyfriend symbolizes some masculine aspect of your own psyche, then this aspect is what is stinging you. Look at anima/animus at the left column to help you better understand the masculine qualities within your psyche.


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