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Besides having an interest in dreams, I am also a student of metaphysics. My metaphysical roots are Jungian and Campbell. But I also take into account
all varied possibilities. When the senses are activated, you learn to live by them.

Before 9/11 there were many who sensed something in the air. Many posts at different forums were from those who practiced varied metaphysical philosophies. But they all mentioned sensing something. Then 9/11 happened. With Katrina, there has been the same sensing. It began last week. Has anyone else 'sensed' anything?

I sense there is more to come.


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Re: Katrina

do you think "our collective" is now experiencing the crucifixion stage of development... we are being forced to see we are powerless over "forces" nature, evil...some we just cannot contain..."I'm content with weakness, distress and failure of all kinds for the sake of wholeness, for when I am powerless then the SELF has room to manifest." We will witness another coniunctio... weakness and power juxtaposed,,you see now together....the hero's will go, our power will go and nurture (the feminine next to the masculine) We are seeing that Big Government cannot , should not , do the individual work that must be done "down" there , it is the individual's who can make a difference ,,,who will see that it is the individual's that can help ..not "handout's" but hand on's....INDIVIDUATION.....WE HAVE HAD AN AREA DESTROYED BY FIRE ,,,,NOW ONE BY WATER....NOW WHAT'S NEXT....BUT THE WORK MUST BE DONE IN OUR OWN SOUL'S..WE OURSELVES MUST BE READY ...FOR THE BRIDEGROOM WILL COME AND WE KNOW NOT THE HOUR OR DAY...WE HAVE ALL, ALREADY BEEN WARNED TO PREPARE OUR OWN....WORK IT OUT...THE CLEANSING AND bAPTIZING OF WATER IS ENDING AN OLD WAY AND SHOWING A NEW WAY...ALL THOSE PEOPLE WHO WERE REALLY DEEPLY HURT WERE SO DEPENDENT AND WANTING "GOVERNMENT, mATER" TO TAKE CARE OF THEM........THEY HAVE BEEN ENCOURAGED BY OUR CULTURE TO ALWAYS EXPECT SOMEONE ELSE TO SAVE THEM.... NOW WE WILL REBUILD.....AND HOPEFULLY FROM
A NEW PERSPECTIVE.....we ALL ARE made to see....how worthless all the chotzkee's, material things mean nothing ...we think we need too much in our narcissistic culture and we see it's all been immersed and contaminated.. and we will pull up the stuff that matter's ,,,hearts who are willing to be touched with humaness....gotta go....dee

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Re: Katrina

I had overlooked your response. Sorry for the oversight and delay in responding.

We could very well be experiencing a 'crucifixion stage of development'. In the Hindu's belief of death and rebirth there is the myth of the growth and decline of humans. This is part of the 432,00 year cycle of Hindu Cosmology. Harsh weather and primitive living conditions make them prey to devastating illnesses. Virtues no longer exist.

Sounds familiar? We have become so material, ego oriented that our lives are so narcissistic, self-preoccupation, lack of empathy. Although I do not subscribe to any one religious philosophy, this Hindu cosmology fits in so many ways.


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Re: Katrina

Study mesopotamian history. The epic of Gilgamesh gave rise to the tale of the Great Flood (Noah) and this became in turn an 'authentic' tale for every civilisation.

Also look at the history of Semiramis (or Sammu ammat), also from the Mesopotamian region (the 'cradle of civilisation - first cities, first agriculture, first writing - cuneiform, astronomy)

The notion of virgin births/goddess mythology originated here, with a real person. Semiramis endeavoured to re-invent herself as a deity (and her son). Nefertiti and Akhenaten (Egypt)also did this. All to their peril.

On a basic level these serve as warnings - all is cyclic, we should seek balance in our endeavours and that should we not, then misfortune will beset us.

We are not 'deities' we are part of nature, or atleast should be. We are subject to the elements (weather/flood) but instead of working with them, and thus protecting ourselves and others, we have sought to govern them, or arrogantly (and stupidly) - i.e. living below sea level in a natural delta flood plain - Doh! to our detriment.

It is all very well to 'sense' that which is coming, but anticipation of an event - is that a sign that event is somehow 'destined' to happen, or do you think that perhaps an elemtn of free will could perhaps afect the outcome?

i.e. When I was a child I 'sensed' that something was about to happen to my mother, that she was about to be electrocuted. I was vacuuming my bedroom (around age 13 ) and I shouted to her, JUST as she was about to touch the washing machine which apparently had become live (and as you know water is an extremely effective conductor). Because I shouted she just brushed her fingers on the machine - she had been going to adjust something. She still received a small shock, but not as big as if she would have had.

I know that there is argument over that which is considered 'psychic' and other modes of sensing, but I believe that if we anticipate danger, it is a warning to us that we may avoid it, if that feeling is acted upon promptly. Trust your instincts. Firget about armchair musings. ACT.

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