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Recurring Symbols

Hey Gerard,
Hope you're well. Been having some pretty bizarre dreams, but there are two symbols that are recurring in almost all. First, clothing - have gone through colors, which I know Yung would have stated is the onset of a "grand" dream. First was red, then yellow, then blue. Thought maybe my psyche was taking me through the chakras, but this is out of proper sequence. The stranger part, though, is that I am wearing clothing not typical of me - overly revealing if not totally see through, although I am not embarrassed by it. Persona? Next is jewelry - some familiar, some not, nothing ornate but the common factor is that it breaks & falls off. Another common symbol is drugs - although I don't do them. Usually cocaine, most of the time I am either witnessing someone else taking them, or hiding them for someone. Occassionally I have even seen myself doing them. What do you think? Thanks for any help again,

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Re: Recurring Symbols

Focus on the clothing and I think the colors will fall into place. Here are the definitions from the dream dictioanry to clothing:

Clothes - Your persona. Attitudes you carry in life. Are you wearing old and torn clothing?

Note your emotional response to the clothes, perhaps something needs to be shed or adopted.

Concealing or disguising something

The color of the clothing may symbolize your emotions. Red is often symbolic of anger or passion. Corresponding colors to the different emotions/attitudes of your life will be reflected to those in your dreams. Clothes that are not typical of you may suggest you are being something other than you really are. Or it could suggest you need to make changes, change your emotions and or attitudes toward certain aspects in your life.

Drugs could symbolize a refusal to face reality, avoiding or escaping responsibility. Seeing yourself taking drugs suggest perhaps this is what you are doing at times in your life.

Perhaps together, the colors, clothes and drugs, suggest you need to look at yourself and determine what clothes best fit. Perhaps you are covering up certain aspects, emotions, attitudes and are avoiding the reality of it.

Something that may help is my post to Fish's dream about how best to understand what dreams are trying to tell you storm and flood.

Let me know if this helps. If you other questions please feel free to post them. Often it takes many questions to get to the answers.


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