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My Dream

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I believe this is a first. At least in this forum which I began in 2002. {Myths-Dreams-Symbols went on line in 1998}. Here is short dream I had last night that I want to share. It was part of a longer dream but this part will illustrate how the dream uses symbolic language in an attempt to to communicate to the conscious mind what the conditions are in the waking life. It is very short but I want to break it down even more to illustrate how the dream functions on the different levels.

Since I have so many things going on tonite I will focus on the first part and then finish it tomorrow. I will have more time in the morning but I want to first interpret the posted dream from the past several days, that is priority. I have my two grandchildren tomorrow also. ThaA real joy in my life.

Notice in the first part how simplistic the metaphors once you look at their meaning in terms that fit the waking life. Dreams compensate what you already know.

Part One
My head was glued to the celing. I could not figure how to get out of the situation
{in my waking life common sense is one of my strong suites. I pride myself on looking at a situation and knowing how to figure a remedy}.
But in the dream I was bewildered, didn't know how to get unglued.
{end of first part}

This first part I believe is relatively simple to understand. It fits my waking life. The one thing that prevents me from doing the thing I like most {dreams and the creativity from Myths-Dreams-Symbols} is my business/work. Since I am not independently wealthy, like most of you I have to make aliving wage.
It requires that I put on my thinking cap, use the intellect, the head.
Glued is glued. Straightforward? Yes, and maybe. Never say never.

The ceiling represents the limit, as high as you can go. Because I am having to use my head/thinking aspect, and not able to devote full time to that creative spirit, I am at my limit as what I can do. Instead of my intuitive Self, I am that thinking self.

Yes I know, these are opposites. But through Individuation there is the capacity for both. Balance.

But this part of the dream also addresses the deeper underlying circumstances as to why I feel this way. Having been in business for 27 years I have reached those goals I set out to reach when I first began, when I was a younger man, still in that phase of life where accomplishments are most important. That spirit of accomplishment no longer pushes me. What was once the thing I strive to achieve is no longer important for achievement's sake. I've reached my ceiling to that phase, yet I am still glued to having to do it. This is the social dragon that still exists in my waking life. And I am happy to say one of the few.
So there is a negative aspect and a positive aspect to this first part.

The second part of the dream I saw my deceased uncle enter the room.
He was someone I had admired but I always felt a strangness about him, a mysterious aspect. Those were my childhood recollections.
As he stood there looking at my head glued to the ceiling I wondered if he would help me find a way to get my head unglued.

Then, the next thing I knew I was unglued, and wondering how I got unglued.
That's the dream.

This second part I have not yet analyzed. Too uch time having to spend with my head glued to the ceiling. I believe there is a message within that has importance. Not that I believe there is some telling hidden message but I believe in the clues that may help somewhere in my waking life. That is common of dreams.As in myth, there are clues to the higher potentiality.

But sometimes the dream message can solve the problems of the world.
Einstein solved the final puzzle to his theory of relativity from a dream.

I welcome all comments. And what you might think the second part of this dream may mean.


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Re: My Dream

Hi there,

I don't think I am qualified to interpret dreams but I thought I'd give you my immediate feeling to the second half of your dream, in hopes that it may help you since you have interpreted several of my dreams and I I'd like to return the favour.

Since the people we see in dreams generally represent aspects of ourselves (as you have often pointed out), then maybe the qualities you admired in your uncle are the same qualities you admire about yourself and those qualities are what helped to find a solution to unglueing your head. Maybe you can try to remember what it was that you admired about your uncle, maybe you share the same common sense approach to things.

Maybe this is too simplistic of an answer, but I thought I'd give it a try.

Hope it helps.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 35, Canada

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Re: Re: My Dream

You are right. As in the first part of the dream, simplicity seems to fit perfectly. I was able to give some thought to the second part of my dream {took two of my grandchildren to lunch and a movie}and it is most probable his appearance in the dream represents those traits he possessed and I admired. Even though the mystery wore off as I grew older, I distinctly associated him in the dream from my childhood recollections. I had this impression of a strong willed man who knew in which direction to proceed, using personal discipline to stay the course.
Perhaps I should look at those qualities as perhaps thinking too much of myself

I also believe I used him as a reference because I thought of this perceived mystery about him. Trying to explain in precise words would be difficult since it was a childhood impression, and even though as an adult I know there was nothing really mysterious there.
The perceived mystery of his character was the mystery that I assocaited with from the dream. Anyone who studies dreams has to have an interest in the mysterous. Myth and dreams to most are mysterious. Anything not understood most often seems mysterious.

It is from myth that keeps us aware of the disciplined self which allows completion of the tasks at hand, a primary main requirement of the hero/heroine journey. Staying the path, which requires the upmost discipline.

For further insights into the hero/heroine path go here

Looking at the my life as it is at this very moment, the dream is a reproduction of that life. A mirror. But that's the dream. Seeing yourself from a third person point of view is of great value no matter how far you have travel in life. For serious students of the dream it helps one to stay focused. And for those others who will take at least some interest in dreams, it can lead to true self discovery which can lead to healing of the emotional pain in life. Questions are answered that could not be answered previously. It is a great tool in psychology.

I want to give more thought to the dream. There is always that possibility of even deeper understanding from the dream {Joseph Campbell tells us that even later, sutle new discoveries of the dream message can be understood}. I am experiencing vibes, which I deemed as intuitive, and metaphysical in nature, possibly to do with my personal life. I also believe these vibes had to do with Katrina, which would be the collective. If the patterns of nature are true on every level {which I believe they are},
the personal and collective are present in every aspect of life. Of course Katrina in some manner affects us all, if nothing else in the cost of goods we need in everyday life {gas prices are down from 2 weeks ago but still way up from a year ago}.

I am a student of the psyche, the science first, but also the possible mysterious aspects. Intuitiveness is not mysterious, it is a human aspect that too few pay attention to. Other mysterious aspects will be explained some day, but it seems mysterious today. The Egyptians built grand structures 3000 years ago that today we are still to some degree baffled by. Who knows what lies beneath the surface, of the mind,
the oceans, the cosmos. {Only the shadow knows}

Two of my grandchildren, both receiving an education in metaphysics, and nature, although limited. Gosh,
I am only the grand dad. My time with them is limited, but I make the most of even, in many ways.




Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 55 Murfreesboro, Tn.

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Re: Re: Re: My Dream


Some thoughts on your additional info re: illuminating efforts to utilize intellect/rational mind to resolve the work/social dragon vs. what your psyche truly wants - to devote to the MDS creative. Is the intellect stuck, at an impasse? Has it reached the upper limit of it’s capability in trying to resolve the problem?

Yes, mystery perceived through your eyes/mind as a child perceived as an adult as mystical. (Mysterious pertaining to your uncle hiding something that as a child you intuited but had no life reference to explain it?) Could it be in trying to solve the problem using your rational mind it’s the intuitive self, the mysterious (mystical) uncle, that will divine the solution leaving the rational mind bewildered.

Also maybe be a reference to surrender in a struggle. Remember childhood? When an adult wrestles a child forcing the child to signify surrender by crying Uncle? Possibly a metaphor for complete surrender of the intellect, rational mind, in favor of the superior intuitive aspect to produce the solution. Although your intuitive Self is greatly developed, being immersed in the rational for your busy work season may be hindering the intuitive solution.

Just a thought if this is the case - When experiencing a rational mind block I use a technique I call ‘throwing it to the back’. I use the rational mind to think of the problem. I then picture the thought sailing through the brain from the front, frontal lobes, to the back of the brain, the unconscious/ancient brain, saying to myself ‘Let the unconscious work on it. I give up. I’m not going to think about it anymore’. Then I let it go, let the rational mind forget about it. The solution soon presents within a few days popping suddenly, “AHA!” into the rational from the unconscious. Maybe worth a try if this is the case.

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift." Albert Einstein


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 43 Central OH

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Re: Re: Re: Re: My Dream

Thanks for your imput.
Complete surrender is the goal but the ability to do so is what gets in the way. Even Joseph Campbell had an awareness of the difficulties in 'let go Luke, use the force', and he was the master of the hero path. His recognition of the social demands {social dragon} in today's world reflects the enormous obstacles that lie before us. In his time he was able to live with less because society was less materials oriented and controlled by bottom line economics. But the real obstacles that result from this social dragon is the reality of our time. It costs so damn much to live.

I have already changed my mode of living to fit how I wish to proceed in attaining a life that is completely centered on my creative spirit. I am able work only 6-8 months on average, instead of the usual 12 months. I have spend a lot of energy to get to this point in my life. I have even taken a adventure to other places and while that proved to me by using the force I can ovecome any obstacle, there remains that final dragon that needs slaying. It is a part of the process, my individual life, evolving according to the circumstances. I have no doubt about that. This dream is a re-inforcement of those ideas and goals and what it takes to get there. In the end it is the journey that is important and not the destination. No matter how advanced the path may be there is always something new to learn, new experiences to understand. Personal growth is like any other thing that wishes to grow. It takes time, and discipline.

Of course if there are any big spenders who wish to finance my creative life, send them my way.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 55 Murfreesboro, Tn.

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: My Dream

Hi Gerard,
Thanks for posting this dream. I like the point of simplicity, and then looking again for deeper meaning.
Some things I would like to share:
- glued is stuck,
- if my head were glued to the ceiling I would have some fear; or the thought that when I am free that I might fall. This is a great example of me 'reflecting' my stuff onto your dream ,,, fear is a big issue for me - it involves the big one ,,, 'letting go' - intuition ,,, and trusting ,,,, the mysterious.

'The Social Dragon' - I agree and would love a 'way out'. I think the truly great men have accepted this bind and have integrated it. Maybe this is part of your uncle's mystery - the quietness that is felt by others when things are integrated; although not by passive acceptance.
Hafiz was a Persian poet in the 1300's - he wrote of this same dilema. His paradox of requiring a patron and feeling 'limited' by that very patronage ("I am falcon in king's hands"). We are just the same. He felt this was a central conflict and inconsistency in his own life, and he grappled with it. His answer was to acknoledge the truth so that it (work, patronage etc) does not become a burden - easier said.

There is a paradox in yr dream also - the glue holds things together, yet limits, and protects - 'the glue that binds'.

I feel there is something more in this dream for you Gerard, but can't put my finger on it.

Re Hafez: Just like Campbell it is consoling and insirational to know that others have walked a similar path, faced similar obstacles and felt similar emotions - and have done more than survive - they have grown and shared their light.
Hafez by Haleh Pourafzal and Roger Montgomery ,,,, a great aid for those on the path

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 47 Brisbane Australia

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} M

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: My Dream

Stuck also applies. But as you say one learns to accept those things. The fear is not a problem though. I have learned to accept those things I can change and not to fear those things I can't. Anyone who is a true disciple of the hero path and has studied the various spiritual traditions {the ultimate search for the hero is spiritual/creative} has learned that the first Buddhist tradition is overcoming fear, desire and social duty. While we all have to struggle with the social dragon, most people don't even consider social duty as a part of the struggle. Social duty wouldn't even exist if there were not people who created it. Is it not a fact that those things we end up having to slay are those things we created?

Thanks for the references. Aids to the path are not limited to just a few. Beyond Jung and Campbell I tend to gravitate to those women who are spiritual teachers, such as Marion Woodman,
Jean Houston, and Elaine Pagels.
I must have been a woman in a previous life.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 55 Murfreesboro, Tn.

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: My Dream

Sorry, SOL, no indepentantly wealthy associations here. As I'm sure you know one helpful aspect in time is delegation. Perhaps offing 'plebe' level behind the scens grunt work to some of the regulars here would faciliate. Many people have a few hours a week or month they can spare.

It could be typing. Perhaps there's book text you want to add & need a typist. Can be done in Word and emailed to you to quickly cut & paste. Whatever, provided it's basic and frees up your time. Possibly look at your site plans & identify simple and time consuming tasks that can be farmed out so you can use more of your time on the creative aspect. Maintain full control and only basic personnel management needed.

I constantly utilize MDS for it's many wonderful features and intensive in depth information. For free. With taking there should be giving...balance.

Maybe give it some thought.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 43 Central OH

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: My Dream

As much as I enjoy interpreting dreams, I enjoy designing Myths-Dreams-Symbosl almost as much. I don't use any software, just pure html. I am self taught in web design, as I am in Jungian psychology.

My problem is having to spend so much time with my business. It is very demanding time wise and energy wise. But I know it is all a part of having to overcome.

If you should come across an attractive, intelligent, experienced, middle aged woman who believes in good health, not a conservative Republican, have her give me a call. And oh yes, make sure she is kin to a Vanderbilt or Rockafeller.

Of course I'm kidding.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 55 Murfreesboro, Tn.

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