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fMy son. Fire. Helplessness. Misery.

Another dream thatI had this week:

This was a lucid dream i.e. I knew I was dreaming atthe time.

My son (aged 5) at his fathers house. Flames all around him, My son atthe centre.

Imagine a picture with a childs face at the centre and framed by flames. His expression, utter desolation and despair. I feel guilty, powerless, I want to rescue him, but fear that he will inevitably perish.

(My mother died oflung cancer, a few days after her 55th birhday in September 99. I was 6 weeks pregnant. My son and I are extrenely close, very similar to my relationship to my mother - highly intuitive and empathic).

I remained single for many years, commencing a relationship in summer 04, which is still current.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 39, UK

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Re: fMy son. Fire. Helplessness. Misery.

This is an re-enactment of the conditions in yours and your son's lives. You stated in your prior post that your son was abused by his father. Thus the flames. Being as close to your son as you are he would naturally be at the 'center'. Your desire is to rescue him from those flames and the fears are genuine. But the perish part is not necessarily a real death but symbolic of the changes in him because of his traumatic experiences.

I find it synchronistic that your mother died in '99 on her 55th birthday when you were 6 months pregnant. I am a 9 type person {the feminine influences of the psyche} and see 9s as indicators of events and experiences in life. I also see 5s as representing
changes that come about {death is often symbolic of changes}. The number six is nine turned upside down. Your son is 5. And the number four is symbolic in Jungian philosophy as wholeness/balance. You are still in a relationship that began in '04.
And you mention intuitive. Do you see the relationships?


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 55 Murfreesboro, Tn.

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Re: fMy son. Fire. Helplessness. Misery.

My mother died when Iwas approx 6 WEEKS pregnant. her birthday: 23 Sept 1944. She died 27/09/99. My son born 15/05/00. My DOB 21/05/66.

This is the worst bit: My ex gained full custody of my son in Sept 04 (Interim custody started on march 04). hence the opinion of my two barristers, who worked consecutively on this case (i.e. not together) that this was the most corrupt case they had ever worked on in 30 years (each).

Don't think 'no smoke without fire', because there often is. If you read about the family courts, vindictive ex's whom use social workers to achieve their aims, you will know that this situation occurs with increasing frequency. (Look at www.telegraph.co.uk. Register your name, and then look up articles by Cassandra Jardine).

I was vindicted, yet my son was stil ltaken fromme and placed with his abuser, a man who was not subjected to the same investigation as I was, yet has a history of abusive and inappropriate conduct.

My son has continued to disclose details of abuse, yet the authorities refuse to address this and have refused to accompany me on contact visits so they can witness for themselves my son's graphic and disturbing spontaneous disclosures and demeanour. So I have taped them'

Phone call' daddy punches me in the stomach and bashes my head against thewall. He says' dont tell anyone anything!'. He slaps me..he..he slaps me and te-tells me to shut up!'.

'Daddy's needles are scratchy' then looks terrified and says 'non, no. I'm not meant to say that' daddy says I'm meant to say 'I-saw-it-on-the-television!' (in a staccato and rehearsed manner.

All of these statements have been witnessed by third parties, whom have accompanied me, who have not only written testimonials, but have contacted the authorities themselves.

My friends/3rd parties are from a variety of backgrounds - psychiatrist, teacher, ex naval officer, nurse, pharmacist (and now Personal Injury Lawyer, recently graduated Eng Lit student, business people.

They have NEVEER been called to testify, despite all waiting outside courts duringhearings, such was their concern for my child.

Synchronicity: Yes, I have always had dreams/precognition. I wondered whether it was a case of 'self fulfilling prophecy' i.e. that which we most fear wil come to pass, but looking back at the way things evolved, the legal system was (and is for others) stacked against me from the outset. The family courts take a one size fits all approach, REGARDLESS of content of individual cases.

This does not ameliorate my sons desolation or my grief and guilt at what is happening to him.

The night my grandmother died I saw her in my room, looking young again, dressed in a white strapless satin evening dress. She exhaled as if carried on a warm summers breeze and I saw her sat on a Cornish cliff top and knew at that moment that this had been her favourite place on earth. My then partner was with me that night, so woke as he saw me sit up in bed, then start crying> he asked whatwas wrong and I told him and then walked to the phone. I waited 5 minutes. It rang (3am ish) and I was told that my grandmother had just died. Isaid 'I know'.

Later my mother told me that my grandfather had said that he had seen my grandnmother in the house - (he was at hime, she in hospital). I told her what I had seen - apparently we had seen the same thing. It gave him great comfort, as he was a complete skeptic.

The closer my mother came to death - I used to see a woodland clearing,like the end of a path inthe top corner of my bedroom at night. Lucid dream again. As her death drew closer, thepath would come closer to teh ground. The night before she died, I saw my grandparents on the path at ground level. I heard my mother say 'goodbye'. The next morning she died.

My son always slept in my bed, despite us living in a large apartment with 2 beds. On at least 3 occasions between 2002-2005, I woke in the night, or rather half awoke, in sheer terror. My heart racing, very unlike me. I sort of knew he was there but at the same time thought he was not there and would frantically look for him, thinking that someone had stolen him. I would look in the covers, even opening cupoards.

This is difficult to explain - it was like there were two of him and yet one of him. I saw himnext to me and yet I believed that I had two babies, but only one at the same time. Sounds insane (I'm not - its official!). I would wake up and there he would be sleeping soundly next to me. Utterly terrifying to go through. I do not sleep walk. have never taken drugs, don't smoke or drink and don't eat junk - I eat very healthily.

The night before my son made his most explicit disclosures !11/01/04) which were again spontaneous, non-contextual 12/01/04. I dreamt I saw my mothers face, shaking her head slowly from side to side in despair, crying and then whooosh, she was gone. I haveonly dreamt of her a couple of times since her death, so this was quite unusual).

My current partner. Met July 03. Started seeing: end May 04. The first time I met hi, I knwe I would go out with him, could see the whole picture before me ina flash. Only bumped into him at mutual friends a handful of times between 03-04.

I fear I may be going on a bit for one post!

My mother and I jsut had an 'understanding' as do my son and I.

I nevr told my son about my mother when he was young and I kept all photos in storage. When he was two he said 'you used to cry a lot when I was in your tummy, did'nt you, Mumy?' and I said 'why do you say that X? and he said 'its alright, your Mummy cuddled me when I was in your tmmy, Your Mummys nice'. And I sad 'but my Mummy deod when you were still growing in my tummy, X' to which he answered 'she cuddled me though, because you were sad'.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 39, UK

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Re: fMy son. Fire. Helplessness. Misery.

I see the numeric relationships,which is why I have given you the other data pertaining to dates of birth etc. New partner dob 9/6/78. Aquarius ascendant (but could be cap/aq or aq/pis asc. Very intuitive, highly scientific/lateral/objective yet creative/sensitive and highly developed feminine side)

Are you in a position to formulate/plot trends from this in order to give me any future indicators?

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 39, UK

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Female

Re: Re: fMy son. Fire. Helplessness. Misery.

I'm not a 'psychic' in terms people normally think of. We all have psychic abilities and those I utilize are avaible to anyone who wishes to enhance those abilities. Intuitiveness and other 'human animal' senses that are capable of development are the focus of my atention. Formulting any trends are subjective and anyone who says they can do it precisely should be asked to leave the room. I suggest you read more about Jung and sychronicity. Self education is the best tool to formulating possible trends. You know more about yourself yhan anyone else.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 55 Murfreesboro, Tn.

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Re: fMy son. Fire. Helplessness. Misery.

My intuiotion has, temporarily deserted me.

I cannot see/sense what is to become of this situation, although my instincts tell me 'run'.

An ex barrister (as no working barrister would tell you this for frear of prosecution themselves), told me to 'run, blow the whistle and names, names' as 'once the wheels of the system begin to turn against you, so they continue to turn'.

My ex is dangerous. Any previous referrals about my sons disclosures/condition resulted in my ex terrorising/torturing my son into silence. He eddectively holds my son to ransom - a case of 'shutup or the kid gets it', but the 'kid gets it' anyway> He silences my son and thus me as the authorities will not listen/act.

In May 2003, a social worker told me that my ex did not want my son, but did not want me to have him and was endeavouring to sabotage my life. She showed me a transcript of a telcon that she had had with my ex. She told me to 'run'. I had no money and nowhere to run to, so I told her 'it is your job to protect my child' and she said 'I can't'. Her evidence went missing as did she during this debacle. She was, it was alleged off work on long term sick leave at the time of the hearings.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 39, UK

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Female

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