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HI Gerard,
I have had a socaill very quiet time recently as many of my missing psychological pieces have been dropping in to place for me - i can understand many of the factors that have influenced my behaviors over the years. Now that I can see the overall landscape, I would like to change. I do not like the loneliness any more. The dream reflects aspects of my life clearly, and I would like to be able to access it more deeply for clues. Thanks

I am travelling with my companion - female, ? mother, sister, girlfriend?
We meet two others - mother and son. I don't like them, they are odd. They appear lost, and ask for help. We have nothing to give accept to share our shelter, to share the hotel room where we are staying overnight. My mother/ companion agrees - I don't feel so easy about it.
My companion and I are staying in seperate rooms, and so the 'son' is sharing with me, and the two women are in the other room.
I am getting settled in the room. There are lots of mosquitos flying against the wall and I am trying to kill them, because I know they will disturb my sleep - the other fellow is not helping. The son is not doing much, seems lazy. I don't feel empathy to him - he seems selfish, self-centred, and self-serving.
Later he starts to unpack, he has some technology kind of things ,, ? radio ? electronics.
I try to call the other room but cannot. It apears that we are being kept in our rooms - the son + mother that we helped are part of a scheme.
Then I realise we are kidnapped. I am in a hotel in China, being kept isolated, kept in my room. There are language difficulties, but I/we are being kept isolated. I try to use the phone to dial out but the call is intercepted by surveilence.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 47 Brisbane Australia

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Re: kidnapped

Hi Justin,

I hope you don't mind some input or ideas from me...these thoughts may not be necessarily right but anyway here it it:
Your first few sentences before writing your dream, about loneliness. I wonder why you think of this female companion as perhaps a mother? Could you find a bit more about this companion and how you two related to each other? And then the son, I'd see him as an obstacle, the person in between you and the companion getting to know each other better, perhaps?
You see him as self centred, and don't like him.
Technology...perhaps you're finding difficulties in relating to other people and therefore dislike the unknown? The unknown seems to be trapping you, perhaps it's easier to just venture out, and discover the unknown, is there a fear?, i.e being kidnapped.

Also looking back at the dream from the outside, you say this female companion is perhaps a mother, and then there's the son, and you. The three of you look like a family perhaps? Is there something from your family that you could get answers from? Or perhaps it represents a mother/son relationship?

I hope this helps.
take care

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Re: kidnapped

Thanks for your thoughts Magda. On a number of aspects you are right.

I can recognise that the characters in the dream are parts of me, and the separation that I am causing myself. It is my selfishnesh to myself that is blocking me.
To me there seems to be mother / family themes here as you say. I have gone a big way towards addressing these in my outer life, so I think there is a dual aspect here.
It seems that I am the block to me, (pretty obvious really) - and I am trying to get a better handle on it so that I can place my attention there and act in accordingly.
Is my current self imposed isolation, (that has helped me crack a lot of hard intra-personal issues), run it's course and is now self-centred, blocking me in. Could be ,,,, 'but what does the dream say', as Jung said. The dream is true and accurate.
Thanks, JC

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 47 Brisbane Australia

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Re: kidnapped

There are parts of yourself that you are still at odds with. This is normal within all of us, even if we have done at the 'right things' we believe we need to do.

The mosquitos may be the little annoying things in life, particularily those things that you can not control. Your desire is to reach total balance but perhaps you are keeping yourself isolated from those things that will ultimately provide you with that desired balance. Since you have recognized and gotten to understand the major obstacles, erhaps it is the little things that keep you from reaching that goal.

I know you are aware of the hero path and have put a lot of effort into acheiveing those goals that lead to harmony and balance. You are doing all the right things. Perhaps you are having the same trouble as I am. Tose troubles stem from the social dragon, having to put so much energy into what is requierd of you and not being able to devote your fulltime to being 'you'. Think about that and let me know your thoughts.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 55 Murfreesboro, Tn.

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Re: Re: kidnapped

Yes Gerard, I am certainly grappling with the 'social dragon' as you say.
Although for me it feels like it drains me of my life force, albeit in small annoying quantities, and I cannot get any rest - the mosquitos in the dream.
I am really at the brink of needing to leave this cloak of being and find another livelihood - it is very scary and outwardly foolish, some would see it as selfish. My father would see it as never being satified ,,,, at least I can identify whose voices are running now.
All the best

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 47 Brisbane Australia

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