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brother's wife

Hello All,
i wonder if I can have some thoughts on this one.

I am in the old family house of my cousin's. My brother's wife is making advances towards me. She is beautiful. I am interested and we met outside in a car on the street. Feels like we are doing something 'naughty' rather than wrong. We kiss or embrace and I do not want to proceed / go further as I know it is wrong. She is my brothers wife / married / and it is wrong, even though I am attracted to her.

In waking life I do not have a brother,,, so it is part of me,,, and my relationship to my inner feminine or women ? Both ?
The theme is infidelity, or tested fidelity ,,, ??
There seems to be a link to my prior dream 'kidnapped', but I can't get it.
I have never had a dream like it before; I think a lot of personal 'defect' stuff is coming up for me at the moment. The dream ilustrates an aspect of me in waking life that I have recently realised and not proud of - namely that my initimate relationships with women have been 'shallow' and mainly based on secondary gain for me and not love ,,, an important but uncomfortable self-revealation.
Do our close relationships in waking life mirror the relationships of the parts of our psyche?

Help with this dream would be apreciated

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 47 Brisbane Australia

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Re: brother's wife


There does seem to be a link to Kidnapped but not sure so not sure if the folowing will be of any help.

It appears this feminine is aggressively pursuing you, initiates contact. You see the feminine as a beautiful aspect of the psyche. Your psyche desires to incorporate this aspect. But could it be the ‘wrong’ feminine aspect so your psyche stops the interaction?

The link to Kidnapped might be an illustration of higher feminine and lesser feminine. In Kidnapped a lesser feminine was the cause of separation from the higher feminine. And was a partial cause of the scheme – not allowing you to communicate or call out to the higher feminine. Perhaps your psyche recognizes this and asks you to pause, (do not want to proceed), to examine exactly what the higher feminine is after giving you an example of your higher feminine (mother companion) and two examples of the lesser feminine. You’re working to incorporate the higher feminine but maybe continue to look deeply to see exactly what that is?

My apologies if this confuses more than helps!


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 43 Central OH

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Re: brother's wife

Hi Justin,

You seem to be aware of what you'd like to change and do. Looking at the two dreams there's an awareness of doing something wrong in the relationship with women, or something stopping you to get closer.

I looked at the dictionary of what a brother could mean, 'authority, oppression'? Personally i see it as a desire for friendship with women, a deeper connection? Do you see yourself as 'leading the relationship'? or perhaps you see women 'leading you' tempting with their beauty?

I don't know if this helps though, you seem to be aware of things that are stopping you or getting in the way, are you trying to find clues as how to approach this change you desire?

all the best

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 24

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Re: brother's wife

Dear Kathy and Magda,
I really laughed when I read your posts - real happy laughter - because it took the feminine eyes to see things that I have just not been able to see,,,, such a paradox. I was reminded of a number of my past posts and dreams. I have been able to blend the tips from both your replies into something quite substantial ,,,
For some time I have been aware of something blocking / preventing me in my relationship with the feminine, both in waking life and psychically. Dreams involving the female have recurred (nurse, mother, prison guard) - all blocking me in some way in the dreams.
Looking at the feminine as higher feminine and lesser feminine seems to allow my mind to see the differences - it is something I have never considered before ,,, can I consider lesser feminine as the 'less evolved' or 'tawdry' feminine (it is hard to use words to capture the sense) ? and higher feminine aspects as we see described (life affirming, fertile, beauty - as images of Goddesses try to show) ?
After I read your posts I remembered my father telling me or implying during my childhood, 'you can't trust women'... I was confused, knowing it was a flawed idea + thinking 'why'? 'what about mum, my sister ',,, but not being able to ask (because we didn't question) and he was my father giving me men's advice; it was given when we were alone. (For her part my mother was letting me know how unhappy she was, using me as an emotional crutch ,,,, lots of mixed messages). My father is dead now so I cannot clear things there, but I have recently done a lot of clearing with my mother and sister. But the wounds run deep, obviously.
So maybe you can see the comment 'women leading me' hit home too.
'seeing women leading me, tempting me' - well again this triggers a remembrance that my father was warning me - 'beware their charms'. He obviously had some deep scars of his own.

All this raised a dream I had maybe 2 years ago about a brothel, police, ex-girlfriend and me hiding - similar themes I now think. So I looked in the dream dictionary -
- a need or desire to incorporate those aspects you once considered unwanted or undesirable but are in reality part of the human self.
- May indicate dissatisfaction and deprivation in your emotional or sexual relationship.
- A neglected feminine side because it is considered undesirable."
It was there all along ,,,,,

Well enough said I think - there is a lot in all this.

I really appreciate the help with these dreams - thank you ladies, I couldn't have done it without you

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 47 Brisbane Australia

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} M

Re: Re: brother's wife

One problem we face when trying to disect the psyche is all the garbage we have to clear out before we can experience that ultimate true Self. Those impressions we receive in childhood have so much to do with the individual's life. How that life is lived can most often be traced to childhood first, and then the migations of experieces as we evolve and age. You may remember Joseph Campbell elluding to TS Eliot's poem the The Wasteland.

"The theme of the Grail romance is that the land, the country, the whole territory of concern has been laid waste. It is called a wasteland. And what is the nature of the wasteland? It is a land where everybody is living an inauthentic life, doing as other people do, doing as you're told, with no courage for your own life. That is the wasteland. And that is what T. S. Eliot meant in his poem The Wasteland..... Joseph Campbell

The Wasteland begins in childhood. And until the garbage is removed and the space thoroughly cleansed, dreams will remind you of the rubbish that still remains. Jung's 'Individuation Process' is an excellent way to help cleanse the soul.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 55 Murfreesboro, Tn.

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