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Joseph Campbell-The Inspiration for Star Wars

I found a new webpage on Joseph Campbell I felt worthy to note. Notice Campbell's philosophy on the consciousness as a form of energy, underlined at end of post. You can see his influence on my thinking. Just as with George Lucas, Campbell is my personal guru.

Here is an exerpt:

Today, the heroic journey is realised through film and the temple of the cinema. “When a person becomes a model for other people’s lives,” said Campbell, “he has moved into the sphere of being mythologised.” The person you are looking at on screen is with you, but also somewhere else at the same time. “That,” he concluded, “is a condition of the god.”

Throughout time, myths have helped us locate our place in the world because they are, Campbell believed, “the world’s dreams”: archetypes which form the building blocks, not only of the unconscious mind, but also of a collective unconscious shared by people of different cultures everywhere. In this, of course, Campbell drew on his own mentors; in particular, Carl Gustav Jung, who believed that everyone is born with the same basic subconscious model of a hero, a mentor and a quest.

With its reverence for psychoanalysis, this was all very mid-20th century. But there is no doubt Campbell had discovered a theory of enduring power. He believed consciousness was a form of energy permeating the entire living world. From there, it was only a short leap to Star Wars’s mystical Force .

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