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opposite of reality

hi there, i was wondering if you could interpret this dream for me because it confuses me a lot..
i have dreamed that i was at my classroom, listening to my professor's discussion, then suddenly, i just sneaked out of the room and went into a very small house... a very small and dirty old house and i saw someone there.. a guy, and actually, i am in love with this guy.... i saw him in bed, a folding bed to be exact, and on that bed we made love...
in my dream, he doesn't have a proper and permanent job... he lives with his mom and he was a gangster..
and then the day after, i did the same, sneaked out of class and went to his house, and i saw him naked laying on bed but we didn't make love this time because his mother arrived and i helped her do the kitchen.... and then i woke up!

i was just wondering because in reality, i can say that he is, well, if i may so, a wealthy man.. he's an enginneer and he's got his own car and his own house.. but we don't have a relationship... i mean, we had, but we broke up because he thinks that i liked him because of his car and some sort of thing like that which is absolutely wrong... and maybe he was just too afraid to have a serious commitment.. we haven't seen each other for 3 months now and i didn't ever tried to tell and explain to him how i really feel... i am confused because i kept on wishing of dreaming about him every night but he really doesn't appear on my dreams.. and when i finally gave up and never wished for it he suddenly appears on a very odd and weird dream.. and also, we haven't had sex when we're still together.. we didn't do it.. but although he attempted, it didn't happen....

i hope u could interpret this one for me..
thanks and more power!

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Re: opposite of reality

The actual relationship you describe is probably the stimulus for your dream. Is this an older man that you were seeing? Perhaps a professor or teacher or someone who you think of as wise?

Perhaps being seen with this older guy {if indeed the real person in your waking life is older} may seem to some as being 'dirty old man'. Or perhaps you feel there is something dirty about the relationship. Or you have the feling that your interest in him is because of his wealth {which would seem dirty/dishonest}.

You state that he tried to have sex with you but was unable. The folding bed may allude to this failed attempt, the sexual aspect. Was he unable to preform as required { he doesn't have a proper and permanent job-something that perhaps Viagra could help with?}

My impressions are because you had to 'sneak' out to have this relationship you in some ways feel a need to cover it up. Perhaps hiding it from your parents. This may be playing on your mind. There also may be that inherent need of proper love, which he is unable to give. This may stim from deeper personal issues that have yet to be resolved. Those issues would probably be from earlier in life.
The dream may be commenting on the wisdom of a relationship with an older man. At 19 you are very impressionable and if this is indeed an older man then the reason you are in the relationship is for him to be more of a father figure, and not a lover.

Let me know your thoughts and perhaps we can gain more from those insights.


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Re: opposite of reality

well,he's not that old really... he's only 27 years old.. probably a bit older than my age but he's not that old for me right? only 8 years of gap... you meant that sneaking out of class may mean that i want to hide it from my parents.. you're right, maybe that's one of the reasons... i don't see him as a father figure and i think that this must be really love..you see, he changed a lot from me without him knowing it... and also without me wanting it,.. i dont intend to change for him, i just realized it now that he's gone and i like the way i am now although he doesn't know about it.. actually he doesn't know everything, the way i changed and my feelings for him because i was afraid of rejection.. now that we're not seeing each other, i realized how important he is to me... i dont want any rejection and i dont want to disturb him.. im contented that once in my life, he came..
anyway, is it true that if you are really thinking of someone before sleeping, there's a tendency that he might appear on your dream?? well, he appeared on my dream on the time that i was ready to forget him and never think about him, but when he came into my dream, i started to realize that i really dont want to forget him even though i know that always thinking of him makes me cry and causes so much pain... does this have a connection with the dream?

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 19/Phil

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} female

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