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A reoccuring world

I'm unable to say for how long this world has been returning to me. I lost track after awhile.

This world is one without walls. The only walls belong to homes, and on one rare occaassion, a warehouse that harbored children. But I'll get to that in a moment.

It feels like there's no limitations to anything. The floor tile changes beneath your feet and you've stepped into a shopping center. You jump off the edge of a cliff and you land on an island - a totally different country. This is just parts of the world that keep coming back.

The first dream was the most simple. There was no limit to my gravity - my feet were as light as the air itself. I was floating with my walk, grand leaps taking me right into a window. My girlfriend sat on her bed and greeted me with a whisper. We giggled, we kissed, and suddenly many people broke into the room. She turned away and faded into the crowd and this is when I lost her. I noticed I had a flying cat for a companion and when I called her name over and over, I got no response. I ran through the people and out of her home. I found the floor outside the house changing to wood and I descended stairs into another world. By the third flight, my cat had withered away and died. I was upset but I kept going. I woke up then.

The second dream with this world was much more gruesome. I was with a group, though I was unsure of who they were, but I started to notice the atmosphere was growing heavy and an ungodly smell lingered in the air. I walked past and saw a corpse lying in a ditch. A pale, small body that belonged to a young boy. His limbs were all removed, only stumps left, and he was dused with blood and maggots. I shook my head and told the group we weren't staying there for very long.
As we proceeded through, I looked up and saw this naked woman with all four of her limbs stretched out and locked up. She was attached to an odd looking frame but her legs suddenly snapped up, cracking her body in half, knees pressed into her shoulders. Her arms crossed over her legs and she died with a pained smile on her face. It was then I turned around and saw a man with the corpse in the ditch, raping it. I proceeded to say, with good reason, "We're getting the fuck out of here."

This is where the warehouse came in. We ran in and saw more scenes like the woman all across the ceiling. You couldn't walk anywhere without being decorated in blood and other bits of the body. We found a room filled with children and one boy in particular kept clinging to me. His nails had been forcefully sharpened so whoever he touched, hugged - anything! - would be cut into. I told him to try and stop but he cried and said he couldn't help it.
I don't recall much beyond this point except a window in which the children escaped and an old woman I had to fight to set them free.

The third was vague and somehow sad, but I was walking alone in the rain to school. All I recall is waking up and saying "No more. No more..."

The fourth dream was actually funny. I was a detective who was secretly a thief. I'd commit the crime and then be sent to investigate it. I snuck out of this small house in the middle of the woods and tried to steal a giant lawn mower by pushing it down a hill. Then as I ran down in front of it to catch it, it turned on and I ended up running from it, trying to dodge the trees it was magically chopping down in it's path. I got it to stop but not before it took out the neighbor's fence.
He was angry, to say the least, when I came to "investigate" the next day. I was also a man, apparently, because I tripped, landed on him, we kissed and both said "Fruity!" at the same time. But while still being held up by him, I looked over and saw another small house-like building but it was green and on the side it said "LIVEJOURNAL". I looked at him and said, "How's it feel to live next to the most emo building on the planet?" And he told me that it was mostly empty.

The fifth and sixth occured consectutively in the same night after being startled into an awakened state.
The fifth involved a video game I play often called Ragnarok Online. Here's what I told my girlfriend about both:
"One was me being lost in RO. o.o; I kept running through portals (But I had like /effect or something going since there was only a grey circle) And it creeped me out for some reason because I suddenly ended up running through doors on the ocean and I saw Abby appear and suddenly just collapse. It was so WEIRD and it creeped me out for some reason, being lost like that.

Then the second dream was more gorey but less scary. (Figures.) I was little and walking around with you and you were in little-o-vision, too. We were holding hands really tightly in this cruddy, rundown apartment. The walls were yellow and looked as if blood had flown from the ceiling and dried over the years. The floor creaked, ready to collapse beneath us as we walked slowly. I looked dazed and you looked frightened but I was mostly leading us to our impending torture.

A man appeared with a buzz saw and looked down at us. He was missing teeth and the rest were yellow and decaying within his disgusting grin. His face was a forest of bristles and rot, and the smell of urine and blood lingered like a bad omen. It was, I suppose.

He came after us with the buzz saw blazing; we screamed and tried to run. I found a smaller buzz saw lying off to the side and I picked it up and told you to go hide. You were screaming when I ran back and I was just crying by the time I found the man again. He sliced right into my arm as I mauled his leg right off and he fell down screaming. I got so angry that he scared us and tried to hurt us that I jumped on him and cut his arms off and started screaming he'd never do it again. He'd never do the things he did to us again. I'm guessing more happened then him just trying to slaughter us.

But I was bleeding a lot when you came running back. And I felt tired and sleepy. And you were asking me questions I couldn't answer and you were shaking my good arm to try and keep me awake. I was so tired, though, and I had to close my eyes.

I think I woke up just after that. But it was less scary I guess because I wasn't alone in it like I was in the RO one."

And, finally, the one I had last night. I was in the vicinity of a mall, the only "walls" were linked fences made of metal. Could see right through them and such. A group of police officers were gathered and one started laughing as loudly as he could. He then pulled out a machine gun and began wiping out whoever was still standing. I had fallen to the floor and covered my head. One approached me and kicked me over till I was lying on my back and he put the gun between my eyes. I was breathing deeply, too afraid to cry in fear he might shoot me if I did. I dug my nails into the hard floor beneath me when he suddenly threw the gun down by my head and walked away. They were suspicious about it but I was so terrified I knew I was either about to be a hero or about to be the idiot who ruined it for everyone. I grabbed the gun, got up, and shot at them. It shot red paint. I realized it was as if they were trying to see if anyone would seriously try to oppose them. I dropped the gun and ran for the fence. All I heard was gun shots and screaming, none of the shots were aimed at me. I fucked up, was all I could think as I jumped the fence and ran as fast as I could.

Well, that was terribly long but I don't understand. The dreams are all so different but the world is still the same. I just don't understand what this world could mean so I'm seeking some insight from others.

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Re: A reoccuring world

I wanted to add a bit more. From a conversation:

Razven Schwartz: Everytime I dream
Razven Schwartz: I know I'm dreaming
Razven Schwartz: it's all images, even if it somehow makes me feel like it's really doing something to me
Razven Schwartz: So seeing that, for me, would be the same as seeing the drawings
Razven Schwartz: I've had worse dreams
Razven Schwartz: and I was never bothered like this.
Razven Schwartz: Something about that world mingling with what was going on bothered me.

It's not necessarilly lucid dreaming, though. I note it maybe once within the dream at some point but it tultimately runs it's own course in the end.

Also, about the second dream, I forgot to mention that from what I recall of the children, they were all disfigured in someway. I vividly remember a boy with no eyes, a girl with knives for hands, and the boy with the nails I mentioned.

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Re: A reoccuring world

Wow - what brand of cheese did you eat to produce that batch of dreams?!

How old are you? Do you have any siblings? If so, what are there ages? How did you feel you were treated as a child? What was/is your opinion of your siblings/mother/father/girlfriend?. Does somebody want/not want children - you or your girlfriend/family pressure?

Do you feel you have to keep up a pretence with regard to your behaviour/opinions? Are you generally regarded as solid/dependable, but are actually feeling vulnerable/torn up inside? Do you harbour any resentment towards cerain situations/people/yourself?

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 39, UK

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Re: A reoccuring world

There is not mention of your age. That can be important.

No gravity/walls/limitations may symbolize that you are now open to self discovery. There is no longer those opposing forces that prevent you from discovering true aspects about yourself. This happens when the psyche is ready for unconscious contents to be made known to the conscious mind. You are in a totally different world, the world of your own unconscious psyche. Those things that were hidden are now available to come back to you.

First Dream
You've lost the feminine aspect. Other aspects have broken through and have caused a loss of feminine identity. The cat is also symbolic of the feminine. This feminine aspect has turned away from you and you have lost contact with it.

Running through the people may represent going through the different aspects/emotions of your life. Out of the house may again represent these aspects/emotions that are leaving your unconscious. Descending the stairs is also a metaphor for descending into the unconscious. The deepre you go the deeper you get into unconscious emotions that may have been buried/repressed. These aspects hav eto do with the feminine. Some part of those aspects have died, or perhaps changed you.

Other Dreams
I see a pattern in all these dreams that probably have to do with repressed memories and possible traumatic experiences from childhood. These repressed memories are ready to become available to you. My suggestion is, if I am correct in my assumptions, that you seek prfessional counceling to help you determine what past experiences are trying to come to you. I can only offer insights to the dreams. When traumatic images such as the ones you posted are so vivid, I believe it best to say what I feel and offer the advice to see someone who can help, professionally.

I believe you have an idea to the possibilities to what past experiences I am speaking of. If this is true then you need to follow up on my advice. Keeping such traumatic experiences buried can only make it worse.

Let me know your thoughts and we can see where that leads us.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 55 Murfreesboro, Tn.

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Re: A reoccuring world

I'm 18 years old, soon to be 19.

I'd definitely agree about anything feminine. It was only recently my girlfriend slowly started to make me happy with my body, which I so desperately had been planning to change. Though I still have doubts about my true gender, I've sincerely lost touch.

I thank you for your suggestions on seeking professional help. Day in and day out I'm told that under comedic circumstances but I have been hospitalized before in a psyche ward for a few weeks. That was almost four years ago, though. I haven't seen help for the past three.

To help explain myself a bit more, my imagination was very active as a child. I'm also a writer and most things come into vivid detail easily for myself.

Somehow I don't think any memory so gruesome is honestly repressed. I can recall most of the traumitizing things in my life and I had faced them years ago and gotten over them. I suppose yopu never really get over them but they don't make me cry or go into shock when I think about them anymore.

I think you're right. About the world being the unconcious. I just find it strange that the dreams shift in and out of certain emotions. Maybe that's part of it, except I'm usually terrified in the lot of them.

Sorry if everything is so confusing. I've been confused myself for a good amount of time. But thank you so much for your insight. I used to interpret dreams on my own but this world has me broken and crumbled.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 18, Florida

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Re: A reoccuring world

On a side note: I haven't seen the stairs from the first dream since. I seem to be lingering on one level now.

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Re: A reoccuring world

Perhaps if you will linger awhile here at Myths-Dreams-Symbols you may find some answers for your questions. Jung is the master when it comes to the psyche and the unconscious. Too many professionals still use Freud {JUng was heir apparent apparent and one time student of Frued's} as their main resource and that is most often not the best route. Jung had insights 80 years ago, and up to his death in 1962, that are now being collaborted. He was definitely way ahead of his time.

Also raed my pages on Joseph Campbell. See if his hero motif offers any answers. If you have those special abilities then Campbell and Jung may be the catalyst in help re-building that broken and crubbled world.

On a personal note, without the knowledged learned from Jung, Campbell, Woodman, Pagels, Houston and other sages of the psyche, I could have ever looked at a dream and given a credible interpretation. With intuitive insights, that knowledge let's me do just that. Read some dreams, the interpretations and follow-ups. Verification is not hard to see.

The Individuation Process

The Hero's Adventure

There is knowledge that is inherent, that can be tapped into, and the above sages have helped me discover that part within for me. Intuitive minds seem to have a better understanding of the process. Having risen to the heights, and then down to the lows, you and your creative self may find wonderous things here. Many people do.

Myths-Dreams-Symbols is my creative/spiritual self, an extension of that true self.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 55 Murfreesboro, Tn.

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