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The Darkman and the warehouse

There are 2 more parts to this dream so i' some it up

The dream first starts out with me walking with my friends and it was a nice dream win it started then thats when i felt like i something bad was approaching ididn't know from where but i knew it was coming so me and my friends ran as fast as we could then they dissappeared and i jumped in to the air grew wings and started to fly so then this thing then followed me in to the sky i could see it clearly it was a dark shadow with a bird lik head and black wings. So i tried to loose it throught the buildings that were in my dream for a minute i thought i lost it but then i felt something hit me and i was hurred towards the ground they say when you hit the ground in you dream you die. Well thats not entirely true i hit the ground and got back up to try to find out where this shadow was i couldn't find it or sense it so i jumped back in the air and flew away but thats not the ending then the dream turned and i was wlking throught what was my house it was a little dark because of the blinds were semi closed but the sun was shinning through so i walked to the kitchen and to see this wolf walking past my leg. I didn't feel threaten by it nore it did me its like i known it for along time. Anyway there was this female with arob on walking towards me all i can see is the wedding band on here hand what her body looks like and what color was her hair Brunnet. She walks over and kiss me no matter where i looked or what angle i looked at her i coludn't see her face. So then i walk out side suddenly im dressed to go to work the cothing i had was buisness attire so i walked to the bus stop got on the bus and waited. It picked up alot of people but no matter what the bus never got full. So i got this weird feeling that im being watched again so i turned around and there was this man on the opposite side of the street wearing a black trenchcoat red dress shit black tie black hat red strip going around the hat somking a cigar so i turned around the bus goes down another street then i get the same feeling again i turn around i see him doing something else then again and again then i turned around i didn't see him so i said to my self what is going on then i turned around in my seat to see him sitting next to me. It freaked me out theni get off to go to the subway and he's right be hind me so i walk further the subway wasn't a subway. My clothing turns in to black tee-shit black jeans whit shoes and black trench coat. I walk to were i seen the guy that was tailing me he was sitting on what was a throne but it was hot you can hear people screaming then the light from other rooms illuminated the place where we was at. So he starts telling me that i should work for and that there would be a great surge of power on his side so i decline the offer thats when he took out this sword it had weird markings on it that i've never seen before so he told me i can't let you leave join me i'll make it worth your wild. I don't know why but i started to become angry and violent there was something in my trench coat that wasn't there before while he was talking he told me he can help me with the power within so i grabed hold of what was in my coat it was a sword i swungit and cut his head off there was like this black oil on the sword. When i collected my thoughts i felt bad for what i did but the head started to move and yelled don't let him leave here so i ran out the way i came i heard things that didn't sound human at all chase me out. Then darkness the dream was far from over (i already tried twice to wake myself up it didn't work)i woke up at the kitchen table the women said honey you are going to be late for work so i walked out but before that i could see then out line of her face and the wolf was sitting by her as if it was grauding her not from me but from something else i walked outside the door and then my clothes changed again i was in all white trench-coat,shirt,Jeans,and shoes so i was being drawn in the middle of the street at first there where people then there were no poeple so i started to feel something come close i turned around and it was me with the same colors i had on when i cut that guys head off. He then told me that he can look like anyone that he wants to but he rather turn into something that has more power than he does so we started to fightwith sword. Then it became night fall i was at a brigde i don't know how i got there but i was being drawn there. I walked to this hugh warhouse by the water there was no one inther to my knowlegde but on light was in the middle of the floor so i walked to the middle of the light then the light came off it like looking int a black hole thats when i heard gun shots i can feel my body move but no pain so the lights come on there are people in different clothing on by their cars. I knew i was on the ground then the lights cut back off there was more gun fire and screams of the people in there so when the lights came on i was standing in the middle of the light with a sword drench in blood the same color as the guy head i cut off it was black with no bullet hole or blood on me be in my trench-coatthere were holrs in it . I heard sirens and new the cops been called because of gun shots so befor i walked out i turned around then the lights came on there were people everywhere i thought to myself did i do all of this thats when the bodies started to change i kept walking and the police say the weapon that was in my hand so the started to shoot thats when everything slowed down it was like something on the matrix so i walked past the bullets and then the cops until i got to the brigde then thats when i woke up in a cold sweat.

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Re: The Darkman and the warehouse

I do'nt know what this dream means ,but i told a couple of my friends about it some think that i was watching tv when i dozed, others think i am crazy that i imagined it up and my favorite that i should write stories for marvel comics.

If anybody out there can tell me what this dream means please do i've ben called alot of things but a lier i just want to have alittle peace. i still have similar dreams some even weirder than this one.

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Re: Re: The Darkman and the warehouse

What i'm thinking is that the shadowly figure is something in reality that i'm trying to avoid so often i dream of flying to avoid whatever the shadow is.

The woman in my dream is a girl that i haven't or already dated but we were married in the dream and i couldn;t see her face. The wolf was either a guardian animal protecting me.but i've only seen it in the house twice.

The darkman following me must be my darkside, the peopleand the police shooting was the good trying to keep the darkside at bay.(what about the talking head, the recarnation of the darkman,bullets that slowed down,people i've never seen shooting at me,and the simple fact that i hit the ground&shot)

I still don't get it.
It makes no sense to me things just don't fit.
I thought dreams were suppose to make some kind of sense it looks like i was making a spin off of the matrix and blade.

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Re: Re: Re: The Darkman and the warehouse

We all have a shadow. And trying to fly in your dream may be your way of avoiding that shadow. What is it in your life, especially past experiences are you trying to avoid?

The woman/girl in your dream may be your anima. Not being able to see her face may indicate you have not let this aspect come through in your life. The wolf may be your protection againts recognizing those aspects that you are trying to repress {your shadow and perhaps your anima}.

Your darkside is your shadow. A talking head may be the thinking process which may be a conscioius defense against acknowledging your shadow. Being shot may represent the changes that will/need to come about by acknowledging those hidden aspects.

Dreams speak in symbols and metaphor. Jesus spoke in parables, whih is also metaphor. Read my pages on Shadow, Anima/Animus and other aspects of teh psyche and get some sense of how dreams function. You seem to have a intuitive sense that will allow you to grasp fairly quickly how the dream functions.
Let me know how things go after you read some of these pages. If you will post your dreams/comments in paragraph style. One contineous paragraph makes it very difficult to analyze.


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