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the pet shop

This is a dream that I had last night and it has been bothering me all day long.

I was at home reading the newspaper and I see this add for an opening of a store named "My Jewish Life." I captured my eye thinking that it was a judaica store(store where they sell jewish art and religious artifacts) and since they are not very common, specially here in Arizona I though I should check it out.

I get to the store and am walking from the parking lot to the store, which is in a big strip mal, and I am looking at the moniker that says "My jewish Life" in big orange letters.

I enter the shop to discover that it's a petshop. I can only see acuariums filled with strange fishes all monochromatic and dull looking, except for this one fish. A fish that looked tropical and the color was blue, royal blue to be exact. The fish was doing what a normal fish does... swimming. nothing important, no strange vibe with the fish. Then I noticed that there are no other types of pets but fish and a wall covered with cats.

The wall with cats wasn't filled with cages, the cats roamed free between space and space... the wall looked like the regular walls that you see in pet stores where the dogs are at but with no windows. In the middle of the wall was a space with a particular cat, a big, regal looking cat with lots of fur. The cat was orange with a white crest in it's chest.

All the cats will go about except when reaching this cat, they would stop and tried to find another route so not to bother the cat.

All through this dream I keep thinking in the back of my mind, what does this have to do with "my jewish life" and remembered being very upset after seeing the cat.

I hope you can make something out of this, because I can't.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 30 Gilbert, AZ

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Re: the pet shop

Perhaps this dream is questioning some aspect of your Jewish heritage {I assume you are Jewish}. You may be in the process of delving deeper into your religion/heritage and have found something that doesn't quite fit.

Fish often symbolize the true self which is more than not opposite to the ego-centered waking self. There is one part of this true aspect that now is wanting/needing acknowledgement.

The cats may symbolize the inner feminine Self and the wall they hang on are barriers to connecting with this important psychological aspect. In your waking life there are also barriers from your religion/heritage that prohibit you from identifing with these inner feminine traits.

The one big orange cat could very well symbolize a need/desire to expand your creative/spiritual ideas. The crest would be an identification with the true self. Your feminine aspects are not in touch with this higher aspect, the higher feminine self.

How you had questions about your Jewish heritage? Perhaps you have had reason to question some of the masculine aspects {seeAnima/Animus at left column}. Seeking the true self naturally requires you to seek out the inner feminine aspects since those aspects are vital to balanced life. The highest feminine aspects have to do with creativity and spirituality.

Let me know your thoughts to my interpretation and perhaps we can expand on the possibilities.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 55 Murfreesboro, Tn.

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Male

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